Still Out of My League (2021) Review: Not Your Mainstream Romantic Comedy

Still Out of My League, or Ancora più bello, is a romantic-comedy movie directed by Claudio Norza and features Ludovica Francesconi, Giancarlo Commare and Gaja Masciale in pivotal roles.

Still Out of My League Review does not contain any spoilers

The Uniqueness of the Plot of Still Out of My League is Infectious

Still Out of My League is a delightfully quirky film that will keep you watching from beginning to end. The film follows Marta (Ludovica Francesconi) searching for love, but her debilitating illness gets in the way. This movie is funny and heartwarming.

Francesconi’s Marta is one of the most exciting character studies I’ve seen in a while. She’s not interested in being saved or finding love. She wants to have fun with her friends and have a good time before dying. Francesconi plays this role with a pure innocence that makes it very easy to root for Marta even when she does something that might upset other people.

It will make you laugh and cry, as it does a great job balancing its more comedic moments with more dramatic ones. This movie proves that you can have a fantastic time no matter your circumstances. Despite its bleak premise, this Italian indie film succeeds in making it clear that life is too short to be wasted on worry or self-pity.

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Marta’s eccentricities will win your heart in Still Out of My League

Marta is my favourite character, and her relationship with Gabriele is funny and awkward. I liked that they pushed the boundaries with the crudeness of the film. It seemed to be pretty consistent with how young people talk and interact.

They didn’t hold back in any way. The movie, for me, had a few different funny parts that just kept going on when I wasn’t expecting them. The jump cuts were confusing at first, but then it made sense why they did it that way…I thought the movie was a pretty accurate portrayal of what life might be like for many young adults dealing with cystic fibrosis.

still out of my league

Indeed, the film uses its romantic plot to introduce us to this quirky group of friends and their unique personalities. As Marta begins her search for love, we follow her through a series of awkward dates with men who seem more interested in her disease than in her as a person. These scenes are surprisingly funny, especially when Marta becomes flustered in parts and on the whole.

The Supporting Cast also Shines Through in Still Out of My League

Still Out of My League also excels as a character study. The dialogue is fresh and witty, while the acting is natural and convincing. All actors were excellent in their roles. They suited their characters perfectly, and it was easy to believe that they knew each other for years, which made the movie even more relatable and realistic.

For example, the cast members interact with so much chemistry that you quickly forget that they are not lifelong friends who go out for beers together after work.

still out of my league

Told in a non-linear fashion, with flashbacks filling in the blanks, Still Out of My League offers a surprising amount of insight into the character’s past. It’s clear that Marta has been unlucky in love, but she also seems to have squandered opportunities by neglecting to be honest with herself and others.

While it doesn’t seem like there’s any chance that Marta will find love with either of her boyfriends, Still Out of My League is a highly satisfying film.

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Stream It or Skip It?

Still Out of My League has terrific acting, and it’s a great coming of age story. This comedy-drama sequel is filled with the ups and downs of everyday life. You’re going to fall in love with the characters and root for everyone to be happy by the end of this movie. Overall, I would recommend Still Out of My League to anyone looking for an excellent romantic comedy.

Still Out of My League is streaming on Netflix.

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Still Out of My League is a great coming-of-age story that is filled with great moments and terrific moments.


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Still Out of My League (2021) Review: Not Your Mainstream Romantic ComedyStill Out of My League is a great coming-of-age story that is filled with great moments and terrific moments.