Netflix’s Sounds Like Love Review: Sweet But Intolerable

Sounds Like Love is Netflix’s new release which aims to be sweet and cute but, with the same old storyline of a romantic comedy it only ends up giving you more yawns and fewer moments to look forward to. Based on the best-selling Spanish book series by Elísabet Benavent’s Canciones y Recuerdos (Songs and Memories) the adaptation does no justice to the book and is rather rushed and produced haphazardly.

The film is directed by Juana Macías and stars María Valverde as Maca, Álex González as Leo, Elisabet Casanovas as Jimena and Susana Abaitua as Adriana. With a runtime close to 2 hours, watching the film might seem like a task and one should not be blamed if they decide to skip through the under choreographed scenes.

– Sounds Like Love Review contains mild spoilers –

Sounds Like Love Review: A Poor Decision

The premise of the film revolves around the life of Maca who is in her late 20s, striving to be happy even though she visibly suffers from attachment issues after suffering from a romantic trauma. With the opening scene of the film, Maca will give you all the right nods to call her Fleabag with that converse-jacket look and breaking the fourth wall to talk to the audience. But, as time passes you would regret to even have compared something as phenomenal as Fleabag to the mediocrity of Sounds Like Love.

Apart from being traumatized by a love affair during her teenage years, Maca is also furious and frustrated working for Pipa, a fashion influencer- cold and insufferable. Maybe this film would have a Devil Wears Prada angle to the story? But no. Pipa is just our everyday Instagram model who gets herself filmed even when there is turbulence during a flight take off.

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The other key characters in the film are Jime and Adriana, Maca’s best friends. The trio tries to emit a Selena Gomez’s Monte Carlo like vibe (referring to the latter half of the film) but, of course, fails. What is really devasting is how the creators have not put more focus on these girls’ friendship and tried to deliver a half-baked story.

Even Maca’s story with Leo, her romantic tragedy is inadequate and childish: a person who left you on the threshold when you were planning to build a life together comes back out of nowhere, there are disagreements and a game of sorts to bring each other down until you both decide to be “mature” about each other and suddenly, the entire story turns into a lullaby of sorts with the two people making up without any concrete interaction and start to see each other again!

Sounds Like Love tries to focus on all three girlfriends but Maca, takes the centre stage. The attempt to include a side where Adriana turns into a bisexual and Jime’s obsession with her dead boyfriend being reincarnated looks all very deliberate.

Sounds Like Love: Final Verdict

With complicated love lives, the story tries to stand out. But during an age when every other release on a random OTT platform is a romantic drama, it is difficult to do something that really sticks with the audience apart from being raunchy. Overall, the show is not impressive and it wouldn’t hurt to skip this one to save your time.

However, if you do plan to watch this Spanish romantic drama, you can find Sounds Like Love streaming now on Netflix.

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Sounds Like Love is raunchy and sweet, but does not meet any expectations put forward by the viewers.

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Sounds Like Love is raunchy and sweet, but does not meet any expectations put forward by the viewers. Netflix's Sounds Like Love Review: Sweet But Intolerable