Netflix’s So Not Worth It Season 1 Review: The Sitcom is So Worth It!

So Not Worth It, a teen K-drama sitcom is currently streaming on Netflix. The series has 12 episodes that run around 30 mins each. The series is addictive and you wouldn’t be able to stop once you start watching it!

Well, to be honest, I wasn’t a member of the K-drama family before. But, after watching this my views have definitely changed. So, gather round because the quirkiest and cutest series is here and you need to watch it. The story is about a bunch of college students who come from different backgrounds, including Terris, Jamie, Hans, Sam, Carson, Minnie, Han Hyun-min, and Se-wan, and stay at an international dormitory in Seoul. Each character has different stories to tell and as everyone stays at the dormitory they are all friends.

So Not Worth It

Se-wan comes from a very poor family so she works part-time to pay her bills and carries on her studies on scholarship. She is an RA of that dormitory. Meanwhile, Jamie is a superstar’s son who wanted to lead an ordinary life and thus came to Seoul. Carson, Sam, Minnie, Hyun-min, Terris and Hans are all there dealing with their own life dramas as well.

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The series takes care of very sensitive issues like stardom, poverty, sexual identity, love, relationships, and breakups in a very subtle way, mixing them with comic elements. The characters face something new each day and they deal with it. It’s a sitcom so it has that pre-recorded audience laughter but even if they were not there the series would seem as funny as it is.

Carson eats too much food and trust me, their feasts will make you hungry as much as they made me. It is just the first season and I hope the seasons keep coming because I have a few questions in my mind. Not giving any spoilers here, but I really want Minnie to end up with Sam. Also, how far will Se-wan and Jamie go? What will happen to Hyun-min’s lottery ticket?

In this series, Terris will find out about his sexuality, and the way Carson will help him, melted my heart. The series is super crazy, cute and is an entertainer through and through.

So Not Worth It

Stream it or Skip it: So Not Worth It

Well, the makers have put in a lot of effort to work this sitcom out. The story plot has all the colours you want. Love, jealousy, breakups, gender identification, existential crisis, and whatnot. The cast is brilliant, every one of them has brought out the best in this series. So Not Worth It is fun, quirky and has teenage romantic bits mixed with some uncertainty with every episode. Those who are not used to the Korean language can also watch it in English.

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The punchlines are rightly measured but I think the makers could have gone deeper with the characters’ backgrounds to make it more immersive. However, hopefully the next season(s) clear that up.

So Not Worth It is now streaming on Netflix.




So Not Worth It is an entertainer and will melt your heart in all the right ways!
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