Netflix’s Snabba Cash Review: Easy Money Or Something More?

Snabba Cash or Easy Money is a Netflix original series with 6 episodes, each 40 to 50 minutes long in the Swedish language. But, oh, don’t you worry! Those who don’t really like reading subtitles and watching an unknown language movie or series like me can watch it on an English dub by just clicking on an option.

The film is loosely helmed on a Swedish film trilogy that came out 10 years ago. However, the series really doesn’t have any similarity with the film, but it captures the essence of the crime, thrill, immigration business and criminal business. Even if the series doesn’t follow the movie, it tracks back down its initial pattern. The Netflix Original series is directed by Jesper Ganslandt and written by Jens Lapidus and Oskar Söderlund. The film and this series are based on a famous crime drama thriller novel trilogy Stockholm Noir written by Jens Lapidus.

Snabba Cash

Snabba Cash is based on mainly three characters, a single mother with a 5-year old child who wants to begin her own startup and become a great entrepreneur, a teenager and a singer at wedding parties who is also a professional killer.

The first scene of the first episode of Snabba Cash season 1 opens with a shot where we can see a woman screaming out loud to get back to her senses before nailing a pitch meeting. But she cannot make entry as her pass card failed. However, she eventually does and somehow she manages her investor to give in some money only to find out he was scamming her. She is our main character, Leya (Evin Ahmad).

Leya works at a Middle-Eastern restaurant as a clerk and lives with her son Sami as her husband died long back. She dreams big; she dreams of unicorns. She wants to expand her idea of an app, TargetCoach, that will analyse how an entrepreneurial idea will prosper based on social media reactions. As her previous investor denied the proposal, she becomes desperate to get another one, and from here, her journey begins.

Our second character is Salim (Alexander Abdallah). He sings at parties, wedding ceremonies, but actually, he is a professional killer. He works for the drug-dealing group led by Ravy (Dada Fungula Bozela), who is co-incidentally Leya’s brother-in-law.

The third character is Tim, played by Ali Alarik, who stays with his father, sets a scooter on fire in a scene and eventually gets entangled in the same drug dealing web. From here, the series unfolds further, and we will get to see how these characters collide with each other and how their relationship further evolves. What happens to these characters? Will they get what they want? To know this, you have to watch it.

Snabba Cash

Snabba Cash: Stream It or Skip It?

The star cast has done a great job, but especially Evin Ahmad deserves special mention. The expression, the emotion, the desperation has been emoted perfectly by the actress as Leya. Alexander has done appreciable work as well. The story unfurls with proper thrill and anticipation. Though the series doesn’t have any background score, the mysterious music will really stick you to the screen. The web series has a very slow pace and will take time to build up the plot, but once it does, the actors will make it worth it.

Snabba Cash is streaming on Netflix.

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Snabba Cash takes time to build up but has proper thrill and anticipation to make it a fun watch.

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Netflix's Snabba Cash Review: Easy Money Or Something More?Snabba Cash takes time to build up but has proper thrill and anticipation to make it a fun watch.