Netflix’s Sex Unzipped Review: Being Sex Positive Is The Key To Progress

Netflix’s comedy specials are a delight to watch, starting from the Daniel Sloss live shows to Dave Chapelle’s segments, which is why the expectations from Sex Unzipped on Netflix was already set high. Netflix is also the birthplace for the revolutionary young adult show, Sex Education which is a tough competition to most shows as it unabashedly explores the genre of coming-of-age, sex, sexuality and gender. Directed by Ben Turner and Gabe Turner, the show is 59 minutes long and aims to debunk myths and misconceptions surrounding sex and simultaneously make the audience feel sex-positive.

The special is hosted by the American rapper Saweetie and the documentary-like film is goofy and raunchy and the audience will truly enjoy every bit of it. Saweetie in her loud hot pink era clothes is more real with the talk surrounding sex than the person sitting next to you might be. This brings us to understand how important a show like this is in today’s world where people will fully watch humans get murdered on television but won’t let a woman show her nipple on Instagram.

– Netflix’s Sex Unzipped Review does not contain spoilers –

Netflix Special Sex Unzipped: ‘The Talk’

The ‘bees and birds’ are not all. It has never been. Sex is not just limited to the act of intercourse but goes beyond and expands into a spectrum of things that we are still discovering. It is also a subject that has been misled in the mainstream media and is the core of establishing a specific idea of shame one can associate oneself with. So, it is amply clear how the ice is thin but the water underneath is needed when it comes to talking about sex.

Netflix’s Sex Unzipped does not falter as it makes its ice walk. With a series of interviews and discussions with sex experts and amateurs and celebrities, Saweetie hosts a rather smooth segment of this Netflix Special where we discover the importance of sexual health and gender identity. We start the show with the thought and various perspectives on what exactly is “Sex-Positivity”, which is the ultimate theme for this show. A show dedicated to making people normalize the talk surrounding sex and feel positive empowerment as they do it.

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The best part of the entire show is, of course, the team of puppets who talk about sex and promote the notion of sex-positivity. We are introduced to them at the very beginning when we are introduced to Saweetie indicating that they are also valued as hosts to the show. And valuable, they are. Each puppet has a different gender identity when one is pansexual, another is gay and there is one who is bisexual. They introduce themselves with their pronouns emphasizing on how the world is changing and we should be changing with it.

Saweetie doubles as a producer for Sex: Unzipped on Netflix apart from being a really interesting host. The show asks and answers questions that are lurking around in the air we breathe in, but might feel too ashamed or shy to look at. With practical advice from renowned educators, Netflix has taken another step forward to produce something ingenious and desirable.

Netflix Special Sex Unzipped: Final Verdict

In a day when reading is a luxury and pleasure a necessity, it is rare to find that one spot that mends the gap and helps you evolve as a person. Media- films and documentaries, have the power to bridge that gap but not everything that comes on every other OTT platform is worth consuming, which is what makes this Netflix Special actually “special”.

You can and you must stream Sex Unzipped on Netflix now.

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Sex Unzipped on Netflix walks us down the path of sexual health, gender identity and everything you'd need to know in today's world.

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Netflix's Sex Unzipped Review: Being Sex Positive Is The Key To ProgressSex Unzipped on Netflix walks us down the path of sexual health, gender identity and everything you'd need to know in today's world.