Netflix’s Security Review: A Slow-Burn Suspense

A Netflix Original, Security is an Italian thriller film that also revolves around the battle between the good and the evil that prevails in different communities. Even though it is a suspenseful movie, the story is straightforward.

Security opens with an aerial shot of the fancy beach town Forte de Mami. The symmetricity and the pastel colour palette make the town look like a postcard. It seems too perfect to be real, almost as if it was staged. But even in this heaven-like town evil lingers deep within those who reside in it.

The scene changes to a girl named Maria walking around frantically in a posh neighbourhood of the town, in the middle of the night. You can see that she has been badly assaulted due to the bruises and cuts on her body. She walks around for a while ringing the doorbell of the big houses surrounded by bigger walls, making them look like fortresses.

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She asks for help through the security cameras of multiple houses but no one responds. The scene cuts there and moves to the protagonist of the movie, Roberto (Marco D’Amore) who works at the security system company which has installed its system in every corner of the streets and houses of that town. Roberto stops a boy named Dario who drives an expensive car under influence. They are presumably on the same street as where that girl was. You will instantly think that these two scenes connect but will keep on scratching your head until the end to know how they do.

Security bruised Maria on the streets

The investigation starts and to make it easy for the police and the rich and powerful, the blame is pointed on the easiest suspect, the father of the girl who has had troubles in the past as well. Everyone blames him and calls him the “undesirable” who needs to leave the community. Through this, Security depicts how, in our society, those who are well off and hold a certain level of power are the main players who decide what is right and what is wrong.

Flawed Characters

As the story unfolds, we are introduced to many new characters. Security emphasizes the human growth of these characters throughout the film. Such as the change in Roberto’s daughter Angela who always felt disconnected from her family until she faced her fear and by the end of the film you can see her embracing her parents.

Security is a film that shows that there is no one to be blamed for the mistakes but everyone as a whole. Though some carry more blame than others when something goes wrong, it happens due to the collective effort of the whole community. This can be best understood when we know that Maria’s father is innocent but his alcoholism made Maria drift apart, which eventually led to the tragedy.

Security roof scene

Roberto, with his questionably easy security system which is everywhere and can be controlled by him, finds who the real culprit is. He collects all the footage and broadcasts across the neighbourhood leaving the punishment for the culprit to be decided by the people. As Security ends, Roberto has a realization that a community only unites when there is a tragedy and human beings come out of their fortresses only to share their pain and tears.

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At times, Security will feel like a drag and you will hope for it to end soon but that feeling is covered by the portrayal of the flawed characters like Claudia, who is an ambitious woman running for the mayor as well as Roberto’s wife. She continuously makes you question her personality until the very end. Roberto himself has many shortcomings. The constant supervision of people’s private lives through the security cameras make him less of a vigilante.

Security Roberto surveillance scene

Directed by Peter Chelsom, Security is an intricate movie with a linear plot. Though we are shown flashbacks, the story is uncomplicated and sometimes feels effortless but the strong characters and the screenplay keeps it interesting.

You can watch Security on Netflix.

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Netflix Original Security is a slow-burn thriller and suspenseful movie which raises a question about the existence of good and evil in a community.
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