Netflix’s Ridley Jones Season 2 Review: The Adventures Continue

The animated preschool streaming series is back again as Ridley Jones Season 2. Created and executively produced by Chris Nee, the first season of Ridley Jones aired on Netflix in early July of 2021, the second season has followed the course on November 2, 2021. The voice cast for this animated show includes Iara Nemirovsky as our friendly Ridley, Ezra Menas as blue-eyed bison Fred, Tyler Shamy as the skateboard Dinosaur Dante, Ashlyn Madden as the fashionable mummy-child Ismat and David Errigo Jr. as the deft Dodo Dudley. The show is directed by John Musumeci and Rob Byrne and has a total of five episodes. Each episode runs for 27 minutes.

– Netflix’s Ridley Jones Season 2 review does not contain spoilers –

Ridley Jones Season 2: A Fun & Valuable Show

Ridley Jones season 2 starts with Ridley’s friend Fred understanding his gender identity. For the show that is essentially made for kids, the concept might seem a bit tangled to adults but it truly isn’t. The first episode in itself sets the unique and thought-provoking theme of the series to life. It isn’t the everyday show you’d see and have a few laughs at. Instead, it is going to submerge you in complicated concepts through the simplest way of storytelling.

Ridley, who is our protagonist, might remind one of Ben Stiller’s Larry Daley from the Night at the Museum franchise, as Ridley embarks on an adventurous journey every night when the things in the museum come to life. Ridley and her friends at the museum continue the family tradition of protecting the treasures and secrets of the Museum of National History.

As the series progresses, we see Ridley meet her grandmother’s furry friend, enjoy the Northern Lights and team up with her mother to fix an Aztec artifact and wait for her own Compass Eye. While Ridley does all these, her friends at the museum continue with her shenanigans which includes Dudley and Dante’s fight over a new-found egg and Mr. Peabody’s mess that creates storms rolling throughout the exhibits. In the process of every episode, our heroine, who isn’t suppressed by gender norms and patriarchal standards, learns something new be it the value of friendship or being grateful over a helping hand.

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The show beautifully unfolds the fun adventures of the group as it tries to create a world where women take the lead by inspiring young children to be Ridley. The impression the series tries to leave on young kids is praiseworthy and should be taken as a reference for other show creators to make shows on similar lines. Before Ridley Jones, it was impossible to imagine anyone but a man like Larry Daley protecting the secrets inside a museum. However, after watching Ridley Jones, one cannot help but think, that maybe this is what the daughter of Larry Daley would look like and be destined to.

Ridley Jones Season 2: Final Verdict

Well, there is only one way to go about this show, that is to watch it! For kids, yes, it is quite an educational piece. However, even when it comes to adults watching shows like this should be encouraged not only because it helps one lighten up the mood and relax but also because it reminds one of their childhood values that are as pure as gold.

You can stream all the episodes of Ridley Jones Season 2 now on Netflix. To read the review for Ridley Jones Season 1, click here.

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Ridley Jones Season 2 shows Ridley and her friends' new adventures and what lies ahead in their lives.


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Ridley Jones Season 2 shows Ridley and her friends' new adventures and what lies ahead in their lives. Netflix's Ridley Jones Season 2 Review: The Adventures Continue