Netflix’s Reflection of You Episode 10 Recap: Point Of No Return

Reflection of You is a Korean drama-thriller TV series directed by Im Hyun-wook and starring Ko Hyun-jung, Shin Hyun-been, and Kim Jae-young, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Reflection of You episode 10, titled Point Of No Return, has a runtime of 64 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

A thriving painter’s enviable life begins to fray at the edges when a bright young woman she once befriended resurfaces as a shell of her former self.

– Reflection of You episode 10 recap contains major spoilers –

Reflection of You episode 10 starts with Hae-won sitting on the hospital floor looking absolutely heartbroken and Woo-jae rushing over to meet her. He tries to comfort her but she brushes his advances off and asks him what took him so long. If you remember, Hae-won just lost her grandfather, the person she probably loved the most in this world and Woo-jae was out frolicking with Hui-ju when she needed him the most.

It’s heartbreaking seeing Hae-won going through shit on top of what she’s going through thanks to Hui-ju and Woo-jae. She tearfully says that she shouldn’t have asked him to wait at the terminal and should’ve asked him to come to the hospital straight away. He apparently waited for 3 hours there. She also says that if Woo-jae couldn’t pick him up, he could’ve just said so.

She then asks him where he was, in Reflection of You episode 10, whether he was with Hui-ju. She gets her answer when he doesn’t reply and asks him what is wrong with him for going to her. He ets angry and says that he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him and he keeps seeing someone else in her. Hae-won has had enough and in a fit of rage, she slaps him. I must say, Shin Hyun-been does an absolutely phenomenal job in this scene and every moment of her emoting her feelings is splendidly done.

Anyway, it’s the day of the funeral and Hui-ju is there for some reason. Hae-won asks her whether she has come to comfort her and tells her that she was no right to ask for forgiveness anymore. She promises that she will never leave Hui-ju alone and will follow her tirelessly, essentially making her life hell. After she leaves, Hui-ju stands there looking shocked and confused.

Inside the funeral parlour, Woo-jae tries to comfort Hae-won but she is in no mood to forgive and asks him to leave. Sun-woo witnesses this and is left a bit confused. Meanwhile, at Hui-ju’s home, she looks content as she holds her husband and son in bed and sleeps. Unfortunately, Hae-won is eating her grandfather’s snacks and crying alone. The next morning, she and her mother go to her grandfather’s place and both try to come to terms with their grief.

Meanwhile, Woo-jae is still thinking about Hui-ju and her last conversation with her. Unable to understand his feelings for Hui-ju, he gets upset at himself probably for not being able to remember what happened back then. At the same time, Hyeon-seong is looking at (and buys) a car for Hui-ju and he talks to Hyeong-gi about Il-seong’s arrest. And then he sits outside Woo-jae’s studio stalking him.

That night, Hae-won burns her green coat and Hui-ju is subjected to an extremely awkward dinner.

Surprisingly, Woo-jae is trying to get in touch with Hae-won. He has a flashback of a young Hae-won working and gets to thinking about her. After many such flashbacks, she comes across Hae-won and asks her about their bad memories since everything couldn’t have been all rosy as she always tries to portray. However, she says that they haven’t met in 5 days and he should at least ask her how she is first.

After they get to his studio in Reflection of You episode 10, Hae-won asks Woo-jae whether he has been staying in the studio all this time. He says that it feels odd to go home when she’s not there. However, she asks him whether he feels guilty for thinking about another woman in their home. When he doesn’t reply, she says that she married him because, although she can’t stop him from having feelings for anyone, she can make sure that she can never let him go. He’s officially a married man now.

reflection of you episode 10

Thus, whatever feelings they might have for each other will only be considered an affair now that no one will recognize. Woo-jae acknowledges this and Hae-won destroys the sculpture that he was making in the morning. He angrily asks her what she wants him to do since she wants someone who ruined her life to be by her side, in Reflection of You episode 10. He says that he’s suffocating and she says that she has felt the same for years after he vanished without a word all those years ago.

She tearfully asks him in Reflection of You episode 10 whether he knows that they had lost something precious all those years ago. Although they don’t mention what it is, my guess would be that Hae-won was probably pregnant and she lost her baby. But that might just be a leap.

 On the other hand, we see Hyeon-seong in Sligo, Ireland, checking into a hotel. He gets a message from someone named W.J. who asks him to meet him at the Irish Pub. He gets there to find a lonely man at the bar and goes over to see him, but we’re not made aware of what exactly they talked about. Does Hyeon-seong know that Ho-su might not be his?

Anyway, Hae-won meets her mother at her old apartment where they get to talking about her horrible skin and the pains of childbirth, in Reflection of You episode 10. It’s a surprisingly tender moment between the mother and daughter, one that is not something we are subjected to often. Jeong-yeon is shockingly honest and although she doesn’t open up all the way, it’s still nice to listen to her make sense for once.

However, we do get to know one thing about Hae-won through her conversation with Jeong-yeon, she probably won’t be able to (or simply won’t) have kids, and she won’t outlive her mother. Does that mean that she’s suffering from some serious illness? This also takes me to the last episode where Sun-woo had expressed concern regarding the medicines that she was buying. She brushed it off as stuff for Woo-jae, but now I am not so sure.

Anyway, Hae-won meets Ju-yeong and the latter tells her about Li-sa’s odd behaviour after looking at her wedding video. Hae-won texts Li-sa and thanks her for coming, as well as asking her why she left without meeting her. In return, Li-sa asks her why she got married to someone who already has feelings for another woman. Hae-won says that although falling in love is easy, breaking up is much more complicated. She asks Hae-won whether she has seen the woman and she says that she has but through a painting. She felt Woo-jae’s emotions through it.

That night in Reflection of You episode 10, Li-sa desperately goes through Hui-ju’s studio to find a clue. She sees the photo of the three of them in Ireland and that is when Hui-ju comes in. Li-sa asks her to draw the picture so that she can feel her emotions and abruptly leaves, leaving Hui-ju a bit confused.

Meanwhile, Woo-jae confronts Hae-won and asks her about the tracking app. He asks her whether she didn’t trust him and she says that she doesn’t. He replies that he will make it up to her for the years of torment that he has made her go through and then asks her to go home.

The next day, in Reflection of You episode 10, Hui-ju gets her car keys and Hae-won gets up to find Woo-jae keeping food for her and leaving to stay at the studio, only temporarily. Hae-won then meets Ho-su and gets to know about his birthday party.

On the day of, Hui-ju is shocked to find a glimpse of Hae-won. Ho-su is being dropped off by his kindergarten, I think, and someone dressed as Dracula is there to greet him. Unfortunately, it’s not his parents and Hui-ju is immediately on high alert as she rushes to find him in the house. As she desperately tries to find him, Hae-won calls and tells her that she won’t be able to make it but would like to still send him a gift.

Hui-ju goes off on her and apologises to her for everything and asks for Ho-su. However, Hae-won is taking none of it. We still don’t know whether Hae-won really kidnapped Ho-su or not. And considering Hae-won, she seems to not be that kind of a person. That being said, Reflection of You is a tough one to decipher and can go either way.

Final Thoughts: Reflection of You episode 10

Reflection of You episode 10 is a slower episode but with a shocking ending. The entire episode was quite mellow, considering the other episodes, but I think it’s a necessary one to push the next few episodes to soar. The confusing dynamics among the three protagonists is quite a head-scratcher. Regardless, it opens up avenues for the next episodes, especially with who kidnapped Ho-su.

Reflection of You is streaming on Netflix.

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Reflection of You episode 10 is a plateau of an episode but promises interesting revelations in the future episodes.


  1. I still think that Hae-Won is a destructive and vile person. she is constantly wallowing in her selfishness and acts unkindly to everyone. I wish that she would stop these actions and get on with life.What is it she wants? to destroy other peoples’lives! People around try to encourage her, but she just continues her wallowing.
    In life people fall in love with people that are not their spouses all the , such is life. Not good but that is how it is. If she did kidnap Ho-Su then she is a total lunatic.
    I cannot wait to see the next episode.

    • I doubt she kidnapped him though. I might be wrong, but it feels like the person in the mask in a man. Either way, yes, Hae-won’s vindication and hatred has reached a crescendo. I think if Hui-ju apologised to her in the first episode, she’d be able to move past it all. But since that didn’t happen and Hui-ju doubled down, she now just wants to destroy everything. Especially now that Woo-jae is getting hot and heavy with Hui-ju. I think there is something deeper going on that we don’t exactly know. But I still have hope that Hae-won’s vindication comes from her two closest people stabbing her in the back than anything else. I think it’s more about them not telling her and going behind her back than the falling in love part. But that’s just my interpretation.

      Thank you for leaving a comment though! I love learning about other people’s perspectives on this show! 🙂

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Netflix’s Reflection of You Episode 10 Recap: Point Of No ReturnReflection of You episode 10 is a plateau of an episode but promises interesting revelations in the future episodes.