Netflix’s Red Dot Review: Thrilling and Entertaining

Red Dot is the first Swedist-original feature film to release on Netflix. The film is directed by Alain Darborg, written by Alain Darborg and Per Dickson, and stars Nanna Blondell, Anastasios Soulis and Johannes Kuhnke, alongside other cast members.

Two people underprepared for the wilderness mess with the wrong crowd a few hours before they’re supposed to camp in the middle of nowhere. They have a dog. Two points for the people who can guess which of these three dies within the first 30 minutes of the movie.

Red Dot has a simple premise and tries not to do anything too complicated, which works in its favour very well. The movie follows biracial couple David and Nadja who go on a trekking and camping trip to spruce up their degrading marriage. However, from the moment they arrive at their destination, the air is tense and it ultimately culminates into something more disturbing.

The movie, as I was saying, is pretty simple, the twist something we have seen previously in different movies. However, even with a familiar premise, Red Dot is quite the adventure. That is, probably, partly due to the absolutely amazing and terrifying snow-covered wilderness where the movie takes place most of the time. The couple is forced to face off not only crazy people but also the harsh and unforgiving climate. Director Alain Darborg brings forth the beauty of the snow-laden mountains peppered with trees and iced-over lakes and makes it absolutely terrifying all at the same time.

Red Dot
Netflix’s Red Dot Review: Thrilling and Entertaining 4

On the other hand, David and Nadja’s fight against the evil people who want to see them dead over a scratched car (or so they think) is terrifying in and of itself. As I said previously, it’s not new. However, actors Nanna Blondell and Anastasios Soulis bring forth the tragedy of their characters’ situations with ease and makes you invested in their fight for survival. The fact that Red Dot starts off with David’s extremely awkward proposal and then moves on to their lives in the present probably makes us a little more invested in their characters. Because, unfortunately, there’s not much character setup we get otherwise.

Another great achievement of Red Dot is the fact that the movie is a taut 86-minutes-long. It’s just the right amount, in my opinion – not too long, not too short. That means that the creators did not have extra time to waste behind meaningless plot points that slow down the movie. It’s the right length to enjoy and be invested in and keeps you occupied for the majority of it.

Red Dot
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The movie features a few gruesome deaths, there’s a lot of blood on the white snow and there’s a horrifying scene at the end which, thank god, the director and writers thought not to go through with. Body horror is honestly great, but I draw the line somewhere. The movie is an entertainer that doesn’t make it too complicated to follow or give it too many plot points to piece together. You realise what might be the case probably at the 60-minute mark, but it’s still pretty interesting to watch nonetheless.

Performances by the principle cast, including Nanna Blondell and Anastasios Soulis, are pretty great. Most of the movie rests on their shoulders and they do a great job at keeping us tensed and on the edge. The supporting cast, too, is quite good and menacing.

Summing up: Red Dot

Red Dot
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Red Dot is a satisfying film for all those who feel like watching something thrilling but don’t want to invest too many brain cells into the whole experience. It’s crisp, short and has all the right elements to keep its audience on the edge and delivers a thrilling final scene that might just make you question a lot of things.

Red Dot is streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's Red Dot is a good entertainer that is pretty thrilling and interesting, especially because it takes place in frigid climates.

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