Netflix’s Racket Boys Episode 7 Recap: Win or Lose, it’s a part of the game

Racket Boys is a sports k-drama directed by Cho Young-kwang. The series stars Kim Sang-kyung, Na-ra Oh, Tang Joon-sang, and Sang-Yeon Son, along with other cast members. Racket Boys episode 7 has a runtime of 1 hour.

This episode is filled with tension, emotion, and lots of expectations as the Racket boys enter the singles and doubles competition. The girls also tag along with them as they have also enrolled in the competition. The episode opens with the boys practicing for the match.

Racket Boys episode 7
Netflix's Racket Boys Episode 7 Recap: Win or Lose, it's a part of the game 4

Yoon-dam gets paired with Lee Han-sol for the doubles. Han-sol has prepared herself to beat everyone as she is very confident about her team, but little does she know that she will face her biggest terror. The judge of line at the match gets at Han-sol and harasses her continuously for having a crush on him ages ago. 

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He repeatedly threatens her that he will leak all the text messages that she has sent him online while playing the match. Yoon-dam and Han-sol try their best to not pay attention to his blabbering but finally, Yoon-dam is unable to take it anymore and punches him. Although the team were losing the match previously, now their position is further rattled. Will they be disqualified or will they get another chance?

On the other hand, Se-yoon gives interviews to different media channels as everyone cheers her to win the match. She meets with the coach-committee who roots for her and offers her coffee. She drinks it before taking part in the match. After a while, however, she stops feeling like herself. What has happened? Is she sick? Will she win?

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On a different side of the note, Hae-kang takes up special training before entering the competition with the yellow-haired player. He wins in that match with flying colours with the help of someone which I won’t spoil in my Racket Boys episode 7 recap. He thinks he is the best and he can never lose because he is Hae-kang. Then he enters to play with the best player of the town and somewhere it seems he is losing his control. So, what will be the result? Will he win the match? Why is the basketball coach trying to find him? What is it that is cooking? To know all of this, you have to watch Racket Boys episode 7.

Racket Boys episode 7
Netflix's Racket Boys Episode 7 Recap: Win or Lose, it's a part of the game 5

The good parts of Racket Boys episode 7

We will get a ‘Hae-kang and Se-yoon’ moment once again and it looks like they are getting closer. Will they accept their love for each other anytime soon? That’s unsure at the moment. But this episode is full of badminton match sequences which made me happy. There’s a sweet moment that soothed my heart when Yoon Hyeon-jong boosts Yong-tae’s confidence before his match.

Racket Boys episode 7
Netflix's Racket Boys Episode 7 Recap: Win or Lose, it's a part of the game 6

The could-have-been better parts: Racket Boys episode 7

I don’t think there’s any need to shed light upon the neighbourhood and what is happening there because this episode was based on the competition and the Racket boys and the girls, those sections were a bit distracting to me. The makers of the series could trim that part and make the series a bit shorter. Having said that, this episode needs to be watched.

Racket Boys episode 7 is currently streaming on Netflix.




Racket Boys episode 7 is full of tension, emotion and expectations.

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