Netflix’s Racket Boys Episode 3 Recap: An Emotional Leap

Racket Boys episode 3 was released on Monday and is currently streaming on Netflix. This K-drama sports web show is directed by Cho Young-kwang.

Well, Hae-kang wins the match in the last episode. The story moves further and takes a steep turn and in this episode, we see a lot of emotional moments and a great badminton match.

Racket Boys

The episode starts with the Racket boys who are sitting at a restaurant giving orders when Hae-kang enters only to find his friends about to start eating without him.

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In the next scene, we see Hae-kang is sitting with his baseball coach who comes bearing an offer for him. It seems he wants Hae-kang back in his baseball team. When the coach asks does he miss baseball, Hae-kang replies that he misses it more than ever. So, does that mean Hae-kang will leave Racket boys and badminton for baseball? What will be his answer? If you have started watching this K-drama after reading it, then keep watching to know what happens next.

In this episode, we will also watch See-yoon play singles in New Zealand against a New Zealand player. Well, See-yoon is a great player but she still gets fits of headache because of the doping. So will she be able to win this match? How will things turn out? This episode also answers that.

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But what really shines for me in Racket Boys episode 3 is the beautiful emotional bond that is shown between Hae-kang and his mother. He finally confronts her about being absent throughout their lives, for taking him and sister Hae-in for granted and not staying up to do their homework, and the way his mother reciprocates and how they try to mend their relationship is what touches my heart. So finally, will they be a happy family again? Watch it and you will know.

To sum it up: Racket Boys Episode 3

Well, to start off the good parts, this series explores the layers of emotions, be it among friends or family or when they are playing matches on the ground. The best part of this show’s storyline is that you can relate to every layer of it. Most of us have working mothers and at some point in our life we always have blamed them for being absent, but little did we know that whatever she did, she did it for us. This realisation is very wholesome. The camera work and cinematography show quite a good work. The match sequence has been portrayed well too.

Racket Boys Episode 3

Now, to the latter half, which is the ‘could-have-been-better’ parts. Well, it is a sports drama, right? So, in terms of sports sequence, I felt there’s a bit lacking but I am sure in the upcoming episodes, it will catch up to it. Well, if you are not a K-drama fanatic or have never watched anything you can give this a try, it’s light for the head and heart.

Racket Boys episode 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Racket Boys episode 3 unravels the emotional bond between Hae-kang and his mother.

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Racket Boys episode 3 unravels the emotional bond between Hae-kang and his mother.Netflix's Racket Boys Episode 3 Recap: An Emotional Leap