Netflix’s Racket Boys Episode 10 Recap: An Emotional Ride

Racket Boys is a sports k-drama directed by Cho Young-kwang. The series stars Kim Sang-kyung, Na-ra Oh, Tang Joon-sang, and Sang-Yeon Son, along with other cast members. Racket Boys episode 10 has a running time of 1 hour and 18 minutes.

Racket Boys Episode 10 is a full emotional roller coaster ride, be it among the parents, or the Racket Boys, Hae-kang and Se-yoon, or the villagers. I absolutely felt connected to this episode. In this episode, we see a lot of birthday celebrations as well, along with great feasts.

Racket Boys episode 10
Netflix's Racket Boys Episode 10 Recap: An Emotional Ride 4

Racket Boys Episode 10 begins where it left off in the last episode when Hae-kang and Se-yoon were hiding inside a cupboard. But when Coach Fang comes back to find Hae-kang, he saves Se-yoon from Coach’s scolding by turning himself in. Then Hae-kang, Yoon-dam, Han-sol and Se-yoon come back from the Nationals to resume their practice for the big game as well as the school competition.

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In the meantime, the boys get to know about the White Wolf of their school. Do you also want to know who that is? Then tune in to Netflix to watch Racket Boys Episode 10.

After a day, Hae-kang’s parents find out that he has hurt his eye real bad from the last match and he needs rest. When Coach Yoon Hyeon-jong meets the doctor to know his son’s eye condition, the doctor says something that makes him realise that maybe he is forcing him to play badminton. To know what happens in Hae-kang’s badminton career, you need to watch this episode.

On the other, Se-yoon hurts her left hand but refuses to stop playing, while Hae-kang is chilling by playing mobile games and watching TV. From Se-yoon’s expression, I felt that she is upset with Hae-kang for not asking her about her health or being indifferent. But find out yourself why she is upset with him.

Coach Hyeon-jong keeps the Racket boys afar from Hae-kang as he doesn’t want to pressurize his son to pursue badminton but eventually he will learn his son’s wish and that scene overwhelmed my heart the most.

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It is Hyeon-jong’s birthday in Racket Boys Episode 10 so get ready with some tissue papers because this scene is really emotional. As the school competition, too, arrives the Racket Boys give it their best and come out with flying colours. Se-yoon also solves her resentment with Hae-kang. 

Racket Boys episode 10
Netflix's Racket Boys Episode 10 Recap: An Emotional Ride 5

The whole village celebrates 90-year-old granny’s birthday and has a great dinner. At this time, Hyeon-jong sets out to meet with the head of the draft match of the Nationals to postpone it a bit. 

Stream it or Skip it: Racket Boys Episode 10?

Racket Boys episode 10
Netflix's Racket Boys Episode 10 Recap: An Emotional Ride 6

Well, if you have started watching it then you would not like to skip Racket Boys Episode 10 anymore. This episode may not have a lot of badminton match sequences but it definitely gives you an emotional ride. And in this episode, I didn’t mind the villagers’ sequence as well. Racket Boys episode 10 talks about social taboos as well and ties all of its plot points really well.

Racket Boys episode 10 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Racket Boys episode 10 is all about discovering new things about close ones. A full emotional ride.

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