Netflix’s Q Force Review: Gay Comedy Tries to Find Its Voice

Q Force is a 2021 animated TV show created by Gabe Liedman and starring Sean Hayes, Wanda Sykes, and Laurie Metcalf, alongside other cast members.

Netflix’s official synopsis reads:

A gay superspy and his scrappy LGBTQ squad fight to prove themselves to the agency that underestimated them. Today, West Hollywood… tomorrow, the world!

– Q Force review does not contain spoilers –

First and foremost, Q Force has a lot of stereotypes and jokes that might annoy some people. The series is created by Gabe Liedman who has Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the crazy Big Mouth under his wing. Big Mouth was… something. Funny and very problematic but also weirdly relatable. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, on the other hand, is a legend that I still rewatch. Q Force, on the other hand, tries to go down the same path.

Now, I am not going to go down the rabbit hole that was the uproar on Twitter over this show. However, I had quite a few moments of chuckles while watching this. Every character is unique and very stereotyped and has their own quirks. Twink, however, is the epitome of stereotype and also delivers the most jokes, and thus, is the funniest of the lot.

It might make some very annoyed and angry and I totally get it, however, I think the series is very self-aware of what it’s showing its audience. The series delivers its jokes and one-liners in the most cringe and improper way possible to bring to light how the LGBTQ+ community has been shunned in the American army and intelligence agencies.

However, somewhere down the line, the portrayal is left a bit undercooked. I will agree that I am not well-versed in the anti-gay rules in the American military and intelligence. But, however much I know, I think the series should’ve delved deeper into it instead of being as surface-level as it is.

Coming to Q Force’s humour, the series delivers a lot of it but not as much as you want it to. Ok, it’s not the worst, but there are long moments where not every joke lands. It’s not very funny all the time, and neither are they always relatable. However, it’s not queer appropriation and neither is it insulting. I feel like the series tries really hard to find its voice and stumbles a little somewhere down the line. However, I found it quite humorous most of the time. The Princess Diaries skit was quite amusing, in my opinion.

Q Force also has some moments of genuine emotion, especially when they talk about how much minorities have to work to get the same respect as their “majority” counterparts. These moments don’t come around all the time but are nice to watch regardless.

The animation of Q Force is the best part of this show. The animation is smooth and looks absolutely fantastic. Regardless of whatever is going on onscreen – action, romance or lots of sex, the animation is beautiful and clean. It blends everything nicely and makes the experience better. Plus, the voice cast is absolutely magnificent and these two things together are what keep the series going.

Summing up: Q Force

Q Force

Q Force isn’t hilarious and takes some time to find its voice. It does somewhat find it, and there are moments that are funny. There are also moments of genuine emotion as well and maybe if they come out with another season, the story will be tighter, funnier and wittier. That being said though, the series’s characters are just so kind and warm that it’s great to watch them have each other’s backs!

Q Force is streaming on Netflix.

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Q Force is a sweet series that doesn't nail all of its jokes but is warm, kind and sometimes funny.

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Q Force is a sweet series that doesn't nail all of its jokes but is warm, kind and sometimes funny.Netflix's Q Force Review: Gay Comedy Tries to Find Its Voice