Netflix’s Prey Review: Thriller With No Thrills

Prey, a new German thriller, is now out on Netflix. Directed by Thomas Sieben, the 120 minutes film stars David Kross, Hanno Koffler, Robert Finster, Yung Ngo, Klaus Steinbacher, and Maria Ehrich.

The synopsis reads – A hiking trip into the wild turns into a desperate bid for survival for five friends on the run from a mysterious shooter.

Netflix’s Prey Review contains mild spoilers.

Netflix thriller Prey is about five men Roman (David Kross), his brother Albert (Hanno Koffler) and their friends Peter, Vincent and Stefan (Robert Finster, Yung Ngo, Klaus Steinbacher). These five men are out in the wild forest, enjoying their hiking trip together. Sadly, their hiking trip goes wrong just 15 minutes into the film. When they head towards their car to leave, someone shoots Vincent, and he gets injured.

The boys hide behind the car and request the shooter not to shoot anymore. No one knows who is shooting and where the bullets are coming from. But the shooter doesn’t stop, and the boys have no choice but to run back into the forest to save themselves. Unfortunately, their lives are still in danger, and they have to run and hide to survive.

There are a LOT of horror and thriller movies and shows made with such a concept. So even though the actors have given their everything to display their fear, the movie fails to surprise you. Except for one or two jumpscare moments when there’s point black shoot and blood, nothing much revites you. The motive behind someone shooting these men is not even a bit confounding.

Prey movie still
Netflix Movie Prey Trailer Still

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Netflix Prey movie 2021 is a part of their Netflix and Chills. Unfortunately, the thriller factor was missing because of an overdone and overexplored plot. I wish I could say something positive about the film, but it doesn’t have anything we haven’t already seen before.

Prey Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, you better watch your favourite camping thrillers or horror movies or shows which have been released in the past. The latest Netflix film doesn’t offer anything out of the box.

Prey is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Prey Review: A new Netflix thriller on forest hiking gone wrong is out and it doesn't serve anything new.


  1. FUCKING HORRIBLE, I WANT MY TIME BACK, one super bitch angry ex wife shooting husband and friends in a forest, rasisc against/hate against men, and shes not talking at all!?? i was fast fowrad so much that i dont even care, the end a guy can barely take down one women and then the jump off scene, DONT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAKE NUMBER TWO where she gets up and kills more men, NEVER BEEN SO ANGRY IN MY LIFE, save yourself and run away.

  2. Dont understand why someone is saying you are envious? this was one of the worst movies I ever watched I should sue for false advertising. There is no way this is a thriller and this movie could have be a 7 minute film like Hulu does. Waste of time.

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