Netflix’s Out Of My League (Sul Più Bello) 2021 Review: Bold, Warm, and Utterly Sad

Out Of My League (Sul Più Bello) is an Italian movie that was recently released on Netflix. It has a total run time of just over an hour and thirty minutes. It is directed by Alice Flippi and stars Ludovica Francesconi, Giuseppe Maggio, Gaja Masciale, Eleonora Gaggero, Jozef Gjura, and Elisabetta Coraini among other cast members. The movie follows Marta, an awkwardly charming young woman with a rare lethal disease. The film, however, focuses on her trying to find herself the perfect boyfriend.

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Netflix describes it as:

Tired of swiping through the dating scene with her besties in tow, a charming yet awkward woman with a rare genetic disorder sets her sights on love.

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– Out Of My League review does not have spoilers –

If you are a fan of movies like The Fault In Our Stars, this one should be right up your alley. Incredibly sweet and ultimately sad, Out of My League (Sul Più Bello) is a great romantic film to watch if you want to be immersed in feelings. The film is based on an Italian novel of the same name, written by Eleonora Gaggero. She plays Beatrice in the film too.

A still from Out of My League (Sul Più Bello) featuring Ludovica Francesconi as Marta, the lead.

Marta as a character was written with a certain nuance I never knew was possible. On the surface, Marta is extremely optimistic. She finds the best in life’s situations (and people!) no matter how wrong things go. Not only is she dealing with a terminal illness, but she is also an orphan and virtually has no one, other than her two best friends. But she still manages to have a positive outlook towards her life. She gives a fun and fresh vibe to the movie which elevates the whole movie to another level.

The film is, however, great with balancing Marta’s rose-tinted vision of the world, with the reality of her situation, that is, her genetic illness and her loneliness.

Another thing that I loved about this film is the amount of colour in each frame. Out of My League (Sul Più Bello) drips in colour, with each frame vibrant and bright. At the same time, while the visuals are interesting, the colour never overwhelms.

italy 1
A still from Out of My League

The cinematography is simple but effective in helping the audience connect with the characters. This comes out best in the second half, where the more emotional parts of the film come through. As a love story, the plot is quite cliched, almost like a mix between too many different Hollywood romantic comedies. But the Italian twist that comes with the plot is what makes it unique and interesting.

The acting is strong enough, and the chemistry between the leads is phenomenal. The supporting cast is a little weak, but they don’t get a lot of screen time either, so it pans out. A flaw that I found quite evident was the lack of a comic element. The film is marketed as a romantic comedy, but there wasn’t much to laugh at. However, comedy is subjective, so there really is nothing I have a particular bone to pick with.

A still from Out of My League (Sul Più Bello)
Marta follows Arturo

Final Verdict: Out of My League (Sul Più Bello)

This Italian movie is a perfect watch for days where you want to unwind and just take a breather. But beware, it will make you cry your eyes out. Utterly romantic and so very sad, Out of My League is the movie to watch if you need all the feels.

If you want to start exploring international cinema and want to start with something simple, this should be your perfect pick.

Out of My League is now streaming on Netflix.

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Overall Score


Utterly romantic and so very sad, Out of My League (Sul Più Bello) is the movie to watch if you need all the feels.


  1. Brilliant review, worthy of a brilliant film.

    I am an older man and have always been a movie buff. I have seen some very good movies and also some very bad ones. I come across one good movie in about twenty five, but when a good one comes along its always worth the wait.

    At my age Marta’s saying that ends with ´the worst is yet to come’ is pretty perfect.

    This movie is possibly the best film I have ever seen and I’ve seen some good ones. When I first saw that it was Italian dubbed into English speaking, I thought no way was it for me, but the voices were excellent. It is the only time that I have ever watched a whole movie in one night on my TV and then watched the whole movie again the following night on my TV and have since watched bits of it on my mobile nearly every day. The movie is so good its like I need a quick fix of it every day to keep me happy. I don’t remember a movie ever doing that to me.
    Anyway, congratulations to everyone who came together to make this a wonderful movie.

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