Netflix’s Offering to the Storm Review: Thrilling Infant Sacrifices

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Offering to the Storm is a Spanish-German film on Netflix directed by Fernando González Molina and starring Marta Etura, Leonardo Sbaraglia and Paco Tous. It is the third and final installment in the Baztán Trilogy, the previous two being The Invisible Guardian and The Legacy of the Bones.

So much death!

Offering to the Storm follows Amaia Salazar as she tries to put an end to the infant murders that have been plaguing the Baztan valley.

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The story starts off with a murder, then someone steals the dead body from the funeral and immediately after there’s a chase sequence. With a starting like that, it kinda sets the precedence about what’s to come. The movie is high-impact and always on the move (for the most part, more on that later). There’s a general vibe of mystery and horror throughout and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. There are conspiracy, witchcraft, demons and infant murders, and lots and lots of blood – it’s the perfect recipe for something thrilling.

Offering to the Storm

And it does stick to its guns throughout. There’s not a moment you can spare for a breather. The general atmosphere is just how Netflix loves it – dreary and cold. However, at night, the streets are bathed in orangish and/or reddish tones. It’s wonderful to watch and has the power to give you goosebumps.

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As I said, there’s always something or the other going on in Offering to the Storm. And thank god for that because this is one long movie. At 2 hours 19 minutes, it has the capability to become boring too quickly. There are times when it does, though, but for the most part, it’s a fun watch. There are murders happening left, right and centre, and the mention of sacrifices make you wonder who’s next. Another interesting thing is that the gender roles are reversed – the inspector is a woman, and her husband stays at home to take care of their child. It’s a refreshing change that we’d like to see more often.

Offering to the Storm

However, it has its weak moments. First and foremost, it’s the insane runtime. The movie might have packed enough punch, but 2-and-a-half hours is too much. Additionally, there are certain scenes that do tend to drag on just a bit. The inspector also cries a lot – but I think I’ll be too harsh if I judge that. Maybe it makes her more human, especially when she loses a lot of important people in her life.

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Also, can we just talk about how, in every recent Netflix show, most people cheat on their spouses? Is that necessary to happen? I understand wanting to leave your spouse, but cheating is something that’s just beneath strong characters whom we are supposed to root for.

Summing up: Offering to the Storm

Offering to the Storm

With ritualistic infant murders as the main theme and lots of blood, Offering to the Storm is a thrilling ride with enough to make it a good and horrifying watch. If the runtime does not daunt you, I’d suggest giving this one a go. But do check out the previous instalments – a movie marathon might be a good idea.

There’s a lot to unpack here and a lot of things to follow. Although the information might sometimes seem difficult to comprehend, as the movie progresses, it becomes easier to keep a track of them. The actors also do a good job with what they are given. You can figure stuff out before the big reveal is made though, and the police, as per usual, make some flawed decisions. However, all in all, a decent and thrilling watch whose slip-ups are nothing too major in my book.

Offering to the Storm is streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's Offering to the Storm deals with witchcraft and infant sacrifice which is horrifying and thrilling. If you can get over the runtime, this one promises to be quite entertaining.
Archi Sengupta
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  1. This spanish horror movie consists of bad acting and predictable plot. A semi-competent detective Could have solved this in 2 weeks but it took them 5 years to make progress of any sort. A waste of my 2 hours.

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