Netflix’s New World (Ep 3-4) Review: Magical Meteorite And Rich Real Estate

The Korean reality TV series on Netflix titled New World is really getting interesting. The show focuses on the lives of six celebrities- Heechul, Eun Ji-won, Jo Bo-ah, Lee Seung-gi, Park Na-rae and Kim Jong-in aka Kai living for six days in a utopian, mystical island named New World. The show is created by Cho Hyo-jin and produced by Company SangSang. Netflix has already aired two episodes and every week two new episodes are released for the viewers. The episodes are more than an hour-long with Korean audio with English subtitles.

– Netflix’s New World (Ep 3-4) review does not contain spoilers –

New World: What happens in Episode 3 & Episode 4?

The last episode, which is episode 2 of New World showed us how the celebrities have obtained a unanimous vote and received 500 million Nyang. According to this new development now, we have Na-rae in the first place with 375 million Nyang followed by Kai and Ji-won in the second and third place respectively with 255 million and 239 million Nyang, respectively. Bo-ah is on the fourth rank with 138 million Nyang whereas Heechul has 85.5 million Nyang and is at the fifth place. In the last place, we have Seung-gi with 60 million Nyang.

The reason it is important to keep track of who has the most money is that by the end of the 6th day, when the participants will leave the island, they can covert the amount of money they have left in their phone account in New World to real Korean money, won. Who gets more money and who loses it all is determined by games played by the participants and the activities they take part in.

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In the third episode of the show, we see Na-rae cook for everyone after she buys a good amount of groceries from her money. However, as the participants are having dinner they are notified of a meteorite that is on the way to strike the island. This meteorite is the one ‘legendary’ tale they have been hearing about since the first day on the island. This leads to an igniting war in the middle of the night to grab the biggest possible prize.

Episode 4 marks the third day the celebrities are spending on the island. The AI Holo informs them that there has been one winner from last night’s event, but does not reveal a name. Instead, the contestants are now introduced to a rather fun but risky game of real estate investment. There are 12 districts of New World in which the participants can invest and make their own, however, there’s a risk of the fluctuating market and the red flag of making the wrong investment. The striking and methodical battle of real estate continues as the episode comes to an end.

New World (Ep 3-4): Final Thoughts

The reality show is fun to watch, especially with the mystical and magical elements it puts on screen. It almost feels like whatever is happening is real. Meanwhile, the games are interactive, fun and don’t include a lot of melodrama which is new and fresh. We are yet to see who has won the prize money for the meteorite and also the real-estate war, thus there is no question of not staying hooked to the show.

You can watch all the episodes of New World which has been released until now on Netflix. To read the review of the first two episodic releases, click here. We also recommend you to read: Netflix’s New World: Get to Know the Celebrity Cast of the Korean Reality-TV! for knowing the show’s participants better.

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With a meteorite fall and rise in real estate, New World's episodes 3 and 4 are an absolute delight!


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