Netflix’s New World (Ep 7-8) Review: Mermaid Day and Some Dice Rolls!

The last two episodes of Netflix’s New World are out and we have a winner! The series is created by Cho Hyo-jin and produced by Company SangSang, which revolves around six celebrities on a utopian, isolated island where they are tasked with the day to day activities filled with fun for a winner to emerge by the end. The celebrities on the show are Heechul, Eun Ji-won, Jo Bo-ah, Lee Seung-gi, Park Na-rae and Kim Jong-in aka Kai who live on the island for six days. With weekly two episodic releases, the episodes are more than an hour-long with Korean audio with English subtitles.

– Netflix’s New World (Ep 7-8) review does not contain spoilers –

New World: How does the show ends?

In the last episode of New World, we saw the group being confronted with the issue of security cameras. All the surveillance cameras on the island had shut down and the group was tasked to restore the cameras back. The episode ended with the six celebrities playing Bingo.

The results of the last episode are revealed by the start of episode 7 which marks the fifth day on the island. Seung-gi goes to retrieve his lottery price money to the bank, only to find that there is another winner and the 900 million nyang are going to be divided in 450, per person. The second winner is revealed to be Kai. As the day progresses, the celebrities discover the importance of day five on the island.

AI Holo reveals that the fifth day for the contestants is actually a very special day as it is New World’s only anniversary. It is the most mysterious day on the island and is called ‘Mermaid Day’. The resident participants are informed that they will come across traces of mermaid. Following those mermaid’s traces, the six individuals will be able to collect the precious pearls called the ‘Mermaid’s Tears’. The catch is that each pearl is valued at 300 million nyang. With total six pearls in total scattered on the islands, our contestants are all set to obtain them.

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But not everyone can participate. The only ones who are the mermaid’s descendants can and to be that there are three tasks at hand to fulfil: (a) Road of their Own; (b) Octopus Gatekeeper; (c) Mysterious Jewelry Box. But, if the participants are not able to fulfil these tasks one of them will face elimination. This is the first time in New World that a contestant will be eliminated!

With episode 8, the show comes to its final day where we get to see some winners from the previous tasks, one of them strangely being Heechul (who has basically won a task for the first time in New World). With few unexpected dice rolls, the final dinner shakes up the game a little and finishes off the show with one final task.

New World (Ep 7-8): Final Verdict

The last two episodes mark a good ending to the show, but also keep us guessing of what happens next. We see Na-rae stuck in the island after presumably everyone has left. Will this lead to a season two? Who finally won? Find out all about it by watching the last two episodes of New World.

All the episodes of New World are now available for streaming on Netflix. To read the review of the first six episodic releases, click here. We also recommend you to read: Netflix’s New World: Get to Know the Celebrity Cast of the Korean Reality-TV! for knowing the show’s participants better.

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The last episodes of New World are more magical and challenging than ever, leaving us with one final winner.

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Netflix’s New World (Ep 7-8) Review: Mermaid Day and Some Dice Rolls!The last episodes of New World are more magical and challenging than ever, leaving us with one final winner.