Netflix’s Nevertheless Episode 7 Recap: I Know There’s No Turning Back. Nevertheless,

Nevertheless or Algoissjiman is a romance-drama TV series directed by Ga-Ram Kim, written by Jung Won and Jung Seo and starring Song Kang, So-hee Han, Jong-Hyeop Chae, Han Eu-Ddeum, and Lee Ho-jung, alongside other cast members. Nevertheless episode 7 is titled I Know There’s No Turning Back. Nevertheless,

Nevertheless episode 7 recap

– Nevertheless episode 7 recap contains major spoilers! –

Nevertheless episode 7’s Netflix description reads:

The students arrive at the guest house for a group retreat. Na-bi tries to keep a distance from Jae-eon, who keeps an eye on her and Do-hyeok.

Nevertheless episode 7 starts with the gang getting together to go to the retreat. Jae-eon is sitting with his butterflies, and all of a sudden he gets up and starts driving off with a smile on his face. Meanwhile, Na-bi and Do-hyeok are having a good time together.

Jae-eon spots Na-bi just as she gets up on Do-hyeok’s bicycle from the last episode. He looks almost sad and maybe a little surprised and follows them. This is how we reached the ending of the last episode. As the two boys face-off against each other, the others, too, arrive and it’s an awkward encounter all around.

The group asks Do-hyeok to hang out with them after they get settled in. Although he is hesitant at first, he agrees to go. Jae-eon is left behind to bring Na-bi when the others leave and the latter is pretty awkward about it. Anyway, she gets in the car with him, but not before telling him that Do-hyeok is coming as well. It’s awkwardness all around.

The car ride in Nevertheless episode 7 is awkward as hell and no one talks. Well, except for Jae-eon telling Na-bi that Seol-a thought that she was pretty. Na-bi tells him that she also thought that Seol-a was pretty as well. At the amusement park, everyone is having fun at the shooting range and Do-hyeok wins a plush toy for Na-bi, which she gives to Ji-wan. Anyway, Do-hyeok goes around taking pictures of Na-bi and this makes Jae-eon jealous and angry!

Na-bi and Jae-eon are left to take a ride together after the others decide to ride separately. Once there, Jae-eon tells Na-bi that he hasn’t been well because she hasn’t contacted her. He tells her that it was his birthday but she says that he has others to wish him. She also apologises for being rude to Seol-a.

However, Jae-eon gets down on his knees and tells Na-bi that he wanted her to wish him a happy birthday. However, Na-bi does not give in to his charms… yet. Back at Do-hyeok’s place, literally, everyone is jealous of everyone else – the triangle between Na-bi, Do-hyeok and Jae-eon is kinda annoying because no one talks and clears things out.

Anyway, as the others tease Na-bi and Do-hyeok, the latter lets it slip that she is his first love. Na-bi is upset at this, looking at Jae-eon, he too looks super upset. What a fricking mess. A drinking game brings to light that Do-hyeok makes Na-bi smile the most, and Jae-eon wants to kiss Na-bi.

What. A. Mess.

Nevertheless episode 7
Netflix's Nevertheless Episode 7 Recap: I Know There's No Turning Back. Nevertheless, 11

As Do-hyeok gets the beach ready, everyone asks Jae-eon whether someone has caught his heart. And he answers yes, Bit-na goes further and asks him whether she’s here in the group or not. However, that answer remains unknown as Do-hyeok’s sister cuts her hand. Anyway, as everyone goes to the beach in Nevertheless episode 7, Na-bi decides to head back to her aunt’s place.

But before she can leave, Jae-eon gets a hold of her. He tends to her wound and she starts to feel her boundary go down. It is here that Jae-eon tells her that he missed her, she tells him that he needs to stop this because he has a girlfriend. However, Jae-eon tells her in Nevertheless episode 7 that that is beside the point (don’t know how, but ok).

He asks her point-blank whether she wants him to stop, and then he will. She obviously doesn’t tell him (I mean, Song Kang is… something else) and he goes in for a kiss. As Do-hyeok calls her, he asks her whether this is ok because if they start, he can’t stop. The episode ends with them looking at each other.

Nevertheless episode 7
Netflix's Nevertheless Episode 7 Recap: I Know There's No Turning Back. Nevertheless, 12

Nevertheless episode 7 is a tease of an episode that gives and takes constantly. It’s unclear what Na-bi will decide regarding Jae-eon and Do-hyeok, but whatever it is, I can’t help but expect things to work out between the leads – provided Jae-eon stops being such an absolute tease. His toxic traits are still on in full force and it’s clear that he misses Na-bi’s attention. But, I am interested to know whether there’s something deeper in his feelings towards her, or if it’s just physical. Plus, there’s a lot of filler in this episode, so get ready for that!

Nevertheless is streaming on Netflix.

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Nevertheless episode 7 is such a tease of an episode and ends on a cliffhanger!

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