Netflix’s Nevertheless Episode 6 Recap: There’s No Such Thing as Love. Nevertheless,

Nevertheless or Algoissjiman is a romance-drama TV series directed by Ga-Ram Kim, written by Jung Won and Jung Seo and starring Song Kang, So-hee Han, Jong-Hyeop Chae, Han Eu-Ddeum, and Lee Ho-jung, alongside other cast members. Nevertheless episode 6 is titled There’s No Such Thing as Love. Nevertheless,

Nevertheless episode 6 recap

– Nevertheless episode 6 recap contains major spoilers! –

Nevertheless episode 6’s Netflix description reads:

Na-bi visits her hometown, where she helps out in her aunt’s studio and enjoys the outdoors with Yang Do-hyeok. Jae-eon feels Na-bi’s absence.

Nevertheless episode 6 starts at the gymnasium – everyone is practising their dancing skills and among them is Na-bi. As she dances, Jae-eon is sneaking in a peek. Later, when she’s sitting alone on a staircase, he comes along and they talk to each other about different things, but nothing romantic. Are they really not going to date each other? Or be close to each other?

Oh, and we get some part of this episode from Jae-eon’s point of view.

We jump back to the last episode in Nevertheless episode 6 when Na-bi met Seol-a. Apparently, Jae-eon did see Na-bi going away. When he goes back to class though, Na-bi isn’t there. Everyone is concerned about her, including Jae-eon, but she isn’t picking up her phone, neither is she responding to texts.

Jae-eon is with Seol-a again at the hospital, and they have a conversation that is so weird and confusing. As in, it’s crazy complicated for no reason. Anyway, Jae-eon is still unable to get in touch with her – according to him, she disappeared.

It turns out, Na-bi has gone to meet her aunt. She lets Na-bi know that Yang Do-hyeok is there as well, and they discuss how much Na-bi and Do-hyeok were close when they were younger. Anyway, Na-bi gets a call from Sol, and it turns out that it’s Ji-wan. The latter promises her that Jae-eon won’t come and since they moved the workshop closer to her aunt’s place, she must come. Na-bi says that she will try.

Well, Ji-wan is lying because Jae-eon definitely did say that he was coming to the workshop. Ji-wan’s character is so absolutely annoying; she thinks that she can boss people around, including Sol. Anyway, out on a walk, Na-bi meets Do-hyeok who asks her to come with him.

They have a picnic by a river in Nevertheless episode 6. It’s a cute outing, and it’s evident that Do-hyeok really wants to date Na-bi, as in, desperately. However, Na-bi elects to play dumb. On the other hand, Jae-eon is still being emo in dark alleys.

Anyway, Do-hyeok confesses his past feelings for Na-bi in Nevertheless episode 6. It’s quite awkward though and Do-hyeok is an odd and awkward guy. Meanwhile, Jae-eon goes to the bar where he had met Na-bi for the first time and reminisces his time with her. Until he starts flirting with a random girl there.

Back at the picnic, Do-hyeok tells a sleeping Na-bi that he had seen her on the way back from an exhibition. However, when he realizes that she has fallen asleep, he lays her down and lets her sleep. Back at school in Nevertheless episode 6, Jae-eon wonders what happened to Na-bi as he still isn’t able to find her.

Both Na-bi and Jae-eon get some much-needed grounding from her aunt and Gyu-hyuk, respectively. Unfortunately for Jae-eon though, he looks heartbroken because it’s his birthday and Na-bi hasn’t wished him yet. Meanwhile, Na-bi is making a clay statue of Jae-eon’s face. When she goes out with Do-hyeok later in Nevertheless episode 6, they have a… boring conversation about pictures.

Seol-a tells Jae-eon what she had told Na-bi the last time. So, apparently, they aren’t dating and now I’m very confused. He calls her to clear the misunderstanding, but she doesn’t pick up. He next goes to meet his mother, who tells him to know his own feelings first. Otherwise, no one would want to love him.

Nevertheless episode 6

That night, just as Na-bi is about to call him, Do-hyeok texts her and she starts talking to him about something random. That results in her not solving her differences with Jae-eon. Listen, I know that guy has a ton of red flags, but after so many conversations with so many different people, I want to think that maybe he would want to be better or something. But the chance isn’t coming up in the first place!

The next day in Nevertheless episode 6, Na-bi goes out on a bike ride with Do-hyeok. They go to the market and shop around. When they come back, Na-bi’s tire is flat and his cousin’s here. It kinda seems clear that she got the air out to make them ride the same bike together but well. I hate it, I am sorry. I have strong feelings. Do-hyeok is nice, but he is too much.

Just then in Nevertheless episode 6, Jae-eon arrives! Jae-eon is taken aback to see Na-bi with Do-hyeok, and he introduces himself to the latter. There’s going to be a love triangle in the next episode, according to the preview, and I am here for it.

Nevertheless episode 6

Nevertheless episode 6 was mostly very slow and chatty – with Bit-na and Sol getting a lot of space. Additionally, Na-bi’s conversations with Do-hyeok and her aunt seem to go on forever. It’s the slowest episode till now, and I desperately hope that it picks up pace in the next one.

Nevertheless is streaming on Netflix.

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Nevertheless episode 6 is very slow and extremely chatty, but ends on a delicious cliffhanger!

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Nevertheless episode 6 is very slow and extremely chatty, but ends on a delicious cliffhanger!Netflix's Nevertheless Episode 6 Recap: There's No Such Thing as Love. Nevertheless,