Netflix’s Nevertheless Episode 4 Recap: I Know It Isn’t Love. Nevertheless,

Nevertheless or Algoissjiman is a romance-drama TV series directed by Ga-Ram Kim, written by Jung Won and Jung Seo and starring Song Kang, So-hee Han, Jong-Hyeop Chae, Han Eu-Ddeum, and Lee Ho-jung, alongside other cast members. Nevertheless episode 4 is titled I Know It Isn’t Love. Nevertheless,

Nevertheless episode 4 recap

– Nevertheless episode 4 recap contains major spoilers! –

Nevertheless episode 4’s Netflix description reads:

Na-bi’s attraction to Jae-eon is enough to momentarily quiet her concerns about their intimate relationship – until a rude awakening sets in.

Nevertheless episode 4 wastes no time to set our hearts on fire. Na-bi wakes up in Jae-eon’s arms – both very naked. Even though we know too well that Jae-eon is an extremely toxic character and we shouldn’t fall for his charms, yet, we do. His charms are what pull us and Na-bi towards him, and like her, we (read: I) are powerless.

Jae-eon, after having dressed up, asks Na-bi whether she wants to keep seeing him sometimes because he’d like that. Na-bi understands that he wants to sometimes have sex but not date. She tries to poke him about what he means, but he just tells him to think about it.

On the other hand, Ji-wan is angry with Sol for not telling her stuff. Meanwhile, Jae-eon and Na-bi grab a coffee together in Nevertheless episode 4. There, he asks her to help him with Human Anatomy, while she tells him that she doesn’t want anyone to know about their relationship. She then asks him whether he has STDs – it’s really funny.

When Jae-eon comes over to Na-bi’s place the next time in Nevertheless episode 4, she’s unsure about her impulsive decision to meet him. She tells him that they should drink together, thinking that it’ll be a good idea to be drunk through this. However, he reminds her about the anatomy lesson that she was supposed to give him. He then proceeds to give her a stunning glass butterfly. Na-bi, too, wonders that Jae-eon is really smooth with his actions.

They, obviously, then proceed to have sex in Nevertheless episode 4. Na-bi knows this is a bad idea, but she still falls for his charms. And I don’t blame her – he is infectious. He has done this before and he knows how to proceed. He tells her later that he has taken up a job at the departmental office because of her. He asks her to meet her often and she says she will.

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The department office is buzzing as Jae-eon signs up for work. Na-bi is also there and they share glances and smile. From that day onwards, we see them spending time together a lot. I am just gonna say, IT’S SO CUTE. Han So-hee and Song Kang have such great chemistry that it’s amazing to watch them together – they just look so good together and are the perfect fit.

Anyway, one night in Nevertheless episode 4, Na-bi and Jae-eon practice dancing together. Apparently, she got invited to this dance thing by Bit-na but she sucks at it. He invites her to go to an exhibition together. Although she is apprehensive about it, it seems like Jae-eon is very excited to go with her. However, the audience gets to know why she is so apprehensive – it’s her birthday this Sunday and Jae-eon doesn’t seem to remember.

Confused about what to do, she asks the guys at the office whether it’s weird to hang out with someone you’re not dating on your birthday in Nevertheless episode 4. While this is going on, Jae-eon goes off to meet Seol-a. She gives him some harsh truths, it seems, using butterflies as a metaphor. Just then, Na-bi calls him and tells him that they can’t meet on Sunday.  Jae-eon looks visibly disappointed. I think he’s not used to people saying no to him.

Just then, she meets Yang Do-hyeok, an old friend. They haven’t met for some time so this chance encounter on a random bus in Nevertheless episode 4 seems like a happy coincidence. They make plans to meet, and Do-hyeok gets her number. As she gets down, it starts to rain and he gets down to hold an umbrella over her head. He seems to have a crush on her but it goes a bit overboard.

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As Na-bi goes to meet her mother, it’s an awkward encounter since there’s someone at their home in Nevertheless episode 4. Na-bi is not happy about it and tells her mother that she’s neglecting her again. Anyway, she leaves and thinks about her birthdays from before. She then compares them to her relationships now – she shares meals with her friends and has sex with one of them, but she doesn’t have anyone to spend her birthday with.

As she is thinking about this, she sees Jae-eon on the opposite side of the train track. However, she is unable to find him after. Just as she’s about it get on, Jae-eon comes running and stops her from boarding the train. They then spend the day together and it seems like she does have someone to spend her birthday day and be happy with.

She asks him to have lunch with her, for her birthday, after he forces a gift on her. Na-bi notes that he’s getting her hopes up again. Nevertheless…

After spending a memorable evening at home trying to make seaweed soup and having sex, Jae-eon rushes out on an urgent matter in Nevertheless episode 4. Well, she gets hungry later and meets Do-hyeok at his noodle shop. They get to talking in Nevertheless episode 4 and he gives her a cake and a candle to blow and make a wish.

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The next day in Nevertheless episode 4, Na-bi wears Jae-eon’s dress and meets him. She asks him about his friend that he was going to meet and notes that he pushes her away whenever there’s anything remotely personal to talk about. Anyway, their friends discuss the relationship between Na-bi and Jae-eon and are pretty sure that they are dating.

However, Na-bi gets a visit from her ex who tries to patronize her about dating Jae-eon. It’s great watching her stand up for herself, essentially telling him to fuck off. The next day at school, she overhears some guys essentially slut-shaming her for sleeping with Jae-eon but saying that he is popular for doing the same thing. Her professor, too, tells her to steer clear.

This makes Na-bi question her relationship with Jae-eon and she asks him to meet her later that day to talk. She is sure to end her relationship with Jae-eon since she can’t take the rumours anymore. But when they meet, she is unable to tell him what is on her mind. Just then, a random man comes over and starts hitting Jae-eon. He seems unfazed, but when Na-bi tries to stop him, he pushes her to the ground. Jae-eon looks pissed as the screen cuts to black.

Nevertheless is streaming on Netflix.

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Han So-hee and Song Kang fuel this red flag-filled series that only makes us want to see more.

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