Netflix’s Nevertheless Episode 3 Recap: It Has Already Begun. Nevertheless,

Nevertheless or Algoissjiman is a romance-drama TV series directed by Ga-Ram Kim, written by Jung Won and Jung Seo and starring Song Kang, So-hee Han, Jong-Hyeop Chae, Han Eu-Ddeum, and Lee Ho-jung, alongside other cast members. Nevertheless episode 3 is titled It Has Already Begun. Nevertheless,

Nevertheless Episode 3 Recap

We continue Nevertheless episode 3 from the previous episode, where Na-bi and Jae-eon share a kiss. Na-bi cannot believe that she did what she did, nevertheless, it has already happened and she feels certain emotions for Jae-eon.

As she’s lying in bed, with everyone sleeping in her apartment, she looks over at Jae-eon who also wakes up and looks at her, a look that they both share. The next day, as Na-bi overthinks her kiss, Jae-eon seems just a bit restless. Just then, he gets a text from Seol-a who says that she got on the plane – Jae-eon smiles.

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Na-bi cannot understand what she means to Jae-eon and it’s eating her up in Nevertheless episode 3. She tries to text him and ask about the kiss, but she is unable to make herself go through with it. Meanwhile, Sol, too, is on a date with Jung Ju-hyeok. Well, she wants to pay him back for the last time but he actually thinks of it as a date! As they part ways, Ju-hyeok tells Sol that he’d like to meet her again. However, Sol cannot wrap her head around why he’d like to spend time with her.

Anyway, as Na-bi gets differing opinions regarding no-strings-attached relationships and one-night stands and wonders what she should do about the Jae-eon situation, the latter goes to the airport to pick up Seol-a. They share a familiar and very… intimate stare.

Back at school, Na-bi, sitting alone, wonders why Jae-eon hasn’t contacted her. She goes down to eat something and sees someone working. It’s Jae-eon and once she sees him, she admits to herself that she cannot look away once she has her eyes on him. She overhears him talking to Seol-a and follows him and sees him meeting her. It’s a little sad for our protagonist, as she comes to the realization that she’s stalking him.

At the supermarket where she’s buying something to eat, another freshman, Kim Eun-han, gives Na-bi his number. This is seen by Jae-eon and Seol-a notices that he keeps staring at her. When she enquires, he says that she’s his senior, and maybe a friend.  Anyway, there’s something going on with Jae-eon and Seol-a and Nevertheless episode 3 does not seem to be in a mood to give anything away.

As Na-bi is chilling at home, Eun-han messages her and asks her to come to the flea market. She agrees and feels happy about it but is left to wonder about her and Jae-eon moments later.

The next day in Nevertheless episode 3, Na-bi has a heart-to-heart with Bit-na, where the latter pesters her regarding her relationship with Jae-eon. However, when Eun-han talks to Na-bi, Bit-na immediately switches to him and asks her what’s going on. Eun-han, on the other hand, is going all-in with Na-bi and trying to win her over. I mean, he brings her a fruit bowl – come on.

As Eun-han and Na-bi get to know each other a bit more, Jae-eon walks in. And he’s not happy about it. He keeps making passive-aggressive comments and Na-bi gets frustrated with it after a while and takes him outside to have a conversation. Once outside, Na-bi asks him why he didn’t contact her after that day. Jae-eon shoots back saying that neither did she. She then says that something like this won’t work with her since she’s not like that. Jae-eon wishes her the best of luck with Eun-han and she leaves to watch the movie. 

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Once out, Na-bi seems to be having fun. Eun-han is innocent and caring and it’s an easy-breezy date. However, looking back at the photo of her date with her ex, she wonders why she kept it. After the movie in Nevertheless episode 3, Eun-han notes that Na-bi’s mood has shifted. He asks about her relationship with Jae-eon, and tells her not to get entangled with him – he isn’t a good guy. However, I think Na-bi and Eun-han’s relationship is not going to go anywhere – there’s no spark between the two.

At the flea market in Nevertheless episode 3, everyone tries to have a good time. Na-bi comes over to meet Eun-han, who seems to be there with another girl. I mean, this girl just cannot catch a fricking break. After this very awkward encounter, Na-bi just goes home. Poor girl.

Meanwhile, Sol is also there with Ju-hyeok. As Se-hun looks on awkwardly, Ji-wan is taken aback by her hanging out with this guy since Sol hadn’t told her anything about him. Ji-wan replies passive-aggressively to Sol when she gives him a prize that she won with Ju-hyeok, which dampens the mood a bit.

Later in the night in Nevertheless episode 3, Jae-eon calls Na-bi and tells her that he wants to meet her. However, her battery dies before she can reply to him. As she goes out to get stuff from the store, Jae-eon thinks that she died in her home and calls authorities who try to bust her door open. It’s just one awkward encounter after another! But it keeps the tensions rising.

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Nevertheless episode 3

Jae-eon, as persistent as ever, comes back to meet Na-bi with medicines. He tells her that he’s hungry in order to spend time with her. After he’s done eating, he tucks her in bed and they share a moment together. They kind of share their feelings for each other in Nevertheless episode 3, which brings them a bit closer.

The next day in Nevertheless episode 3, Na-bi wakes up to find Jae-eon sleeping beside her on the floor, holding her hand. As he gets ready to go to school, one thing leads to another and they end up making out. And I’m just saying, it gave me butterflies. Toxic or not, it’s hella cute and so nicely directed with great cinematography that I can’t even.

However, let’s not forget that there’s something with Seol-a still there and I can kind of figure out what that is. And I don’t like it one bit!

Nevertheless is streaming on Netflix.

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Nevertheless episode 3 continues to tease the relationship between Na-bi and Jae-eon, while introducing a plot twist.

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Netflix's Nevertheless Episode 3 Recap: It Has Already Begun. Nevertheless,Nevertheless episode 3 continues to tease the relationship between Na-bi and Jae-eon, while introducing a plot twist.