Netflix’s Nevertheless Episode 10 Recap: Nevertheless, I Still…

Nevertheless or Algoissjiman is a romance-drama TV series directed by Ga-Ram Kim, written by Jung Won and Jung Seo and starring Song Kang, So-hee Han, Jong-Hyeop Chae, Han Eu-Ddeum, and Lee Ho-jung, alongside other cast members. Nevertheless episode 10 is titled Nevertheless, I Still…

Nevertheless episode 10 recap

– Nevertheless episode 10 recap contains major spoilers (and me fangirling for Song Kang) –

Netflix’s description of Nevertheless episode 10 reads:

Na-bi scrambles to recreate her sculpture days before the exhibit. Staying true to his word, Jae-eon bids farewell to his butterflies.

Picking up from the last episode in Nevertheless episode 10, we have Na-bi telling Jae-eon that she doesn’t want to see him ever again. Obviously, she’s heartbroken about it once inside her house. But she understands that this relationship never had any future. As Na-bi cries, Jae-eon realizes that he was the one who fucked everything up.

The next day in Nevertheless episode 10, Na-bi wonders about all the things that kept her up that night. Unfortunately, it’s not all the things that Jae-eon told her. It’s his warmth and his touch. He meets Jin-su on the way to class and tells him that she doesn’t need his and Jae-eon’s help anymore since the work’s almost done anyway. She then comes across Jae-eon and he holds her arm, but she walks off. At night, we see them both melancholic, or just plain heartbroken.

A sad Song Kang is not a fun watch!

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Something worse, however, is awaiting Na-bi though, as if she just cannot catch a goddamn break. The fan in the workshop broke and fell straight on her final project. She’s heartbroken, of course, but I am so happy that her school isn’t asking her to redo it in the remaining time. In the meantime, Jae-eon, who is unpacking some stuff and thinking about her time with Na-bi, gets a call from Sol about the accident.

He goes over to meet her immediately in Nevertheless episode 10, and the two stare at each other and the mess that the accident has left behind. He wants them to fix it and he tells her that once the work’s done, he will stay away from her, just as she wanted. Na-bi just cries.

The next day in Nevertheless episode 10, they get hard at work. Things already seem to look up, with everyone getting along with each other. However, there’s still some coldness in the air between Na-bi and Jae-eon. They are still clearly attracted and are close to each other, but there’s still a distance.

As the work gets over in Nevertheless episode 10, Na-bi seems more unsure regarding her stand against Jae-eon. As he says goodbye, he tells her that she looks the happiest and prettiest while working. Just as he’s about to leave, he gets choked and a bit misty, and Na-bi, too, starts to cry. It seems like such a heartfelt moment between the two that you can’t help but go, my heart!

As Jae-eon packs all his stuff in his car, Na-bi wonders why she doesn’t feel happy, although Jae-eon told her that she looks it. Jin-su gives her the diary that got sent to Jae-eon’s house. On the other hand, back at home, Jae-eon realizes that he cannot stay in a vague relationship with Na-bi anymore and bids goodbye to his butterflies. Apparently, he just disappeared without a trace.

As the semester ends in Nevertheless episode 10, everyone is in a mood to celebrate. However, for Na-bi, she seems even more unsure than ever. She constantly thinks about Jae-eon, and so does the latter.

She goes off to meet Do-hyeok later. They talk about her going to meet her mother during the holidays and him promising to come to her exhibition, even though it will be tough. Do-hyeok, however, seems a bit heartbroken when he hears Na-bi hinting about Jae-eon.

Nevertheless episode 10

As she’s packing clothes in Nevertheless episode 10, Na-bi comes across the diary that Jae-eon had returned to her. She goes through her sketches of him and wonders how to best describe the feelings that she had left for him. However, in one of the pages inside, she finds a picture of her that he drew… a picture with ha reference to a previous episode. Of all the spoilers I give away, I won’t talk about this one! Na-bi understands this time around and can’t believe what she sees.

On the day of the exhibition in Nevertheless episode 10, Na-bi wonders whether she should wear Jae-eon’s bracelet while getting ready. Meanwhile, Jae-eon is driving back to attend the exhibition. Everyone is pretty excited about the exhibition. The professor calls Na-bi and congratulates her. She says that she can see her passion in her piece. She further tells her that she should go to Paris.

Just as Do-hyeok comes over to the exhibition though, Na-bi spots Jae-eon. However, he sees her with Do-hyeok and disappears somehow. Do-hyeok, too, picks up on her feelings. However, Na-bi tells him that he was right, Jae-eon is not someone who will make her happy. Do-hyeok did, and he is thankful and sorry. Do-hyeok asks her not to apologise but is thankful that he could feel these feelings with her. He then leaves.

Nevertheless episode 10

Na-bi has a round of drinks with her friends and comes out and wonders that he misses Jae-eon. She goes to the exhibition in Nevertheless episode 10 and, surprisingly, sees Jae-eon there, looking at her piece. They then talk to each other, and even though Na-bi appears hateful, she is clearly glad to have him there. And so is he. They talk it through and then she asks him out – even though she will regret it in the end, she will still do it.

And Nevertheless episode 10 ends with Jae-eon and Na-bi walking together, and it seems that Jae-eon is a changed man. Well, I am a hopeless romantic, so this is my biggest win and I am dying.

Nevertheless episode 10

So, the Neverhteless season finale gave us good vibes and a happy ending, (with Jae-eon wanting to raise cats with Na-bi), however, it still makes me uncomfortable that I totally pushed for the guy with problems to end up with the protagonist. Also, it’s nice to note that the series changed its ending from the webtoon. So, regardless of where you stand regarding Jae-eon and Na-bi, you gotta admit that Song Kang and Han So-hee have awesome chemistry. And I wish they come out with another season!

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! We’d love to discuss the plot with you all!

Nevertheless is streaming on Netflix.

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Nevertheless episode 10 ends with the girl with the toxic guy, but we can't help but get butterflies!


  1. Happy endings are always welcome, why not. This drama had a strong lead male role like in most K -dramas. The female role was weak and with no confidence. Although , Song Kang and Han So- hee had a wonderful chemistry in all the episodes. Great acting from these talented young actors. The only thing I didn’t like was with Na- bi’s friend Do-hyeok. He had no chance to begin with. And a bit more self – assurance from Na- bi’s side.

    • Do-hyeok’s character, I agree, had no self-respect I thought. And I also felt that Jae-eon was too much of a red flag to have everything handed to him on a platter. As in, the conflict got resolved too soon and easily. That being said, this is exactly the ending I wanted and I am glad we got it.

  2. This drama is for hopeless romantics, I watched the first 4 episodes before deciding it’s going nowhere. Kpop dramas have soared recently for story and acting wise. “Nevertheless” unfortunately was a disappointment.

    • oh definitely. It’s a story for hopeless romantics! And I do kinda agree that they wrapped everything up far too quickly and conveniently. However, my Song Kang bias gives me red-tinted glasses, you know. 😛 🙁

    • I think she just felt pity for him? I wish he had more self-respect and ego instead of constantly going after Na-bi, who clearly does not care about him like that.


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