Netflix’s Nailed It Mexico Season 3 Review: Delightfully Entertaining

Nailed It Mexico is a reality bake-off competition series hosted by Omar Chaparro and Anna Ruiz.

Nailed It Mexico is another franchise of the Nailed It! series, and if you’ve seen the previous instalments of the show, you’d be well aware of its format. Basically, the show features several novice cooks and bakers who try to replicate intricately-made cakes and desserts but mostly with disastrous results.

The show is a fun and light-hearted entertainer. This season of Nailed It Mexico, with hosts Omar Chaparro and Anna Ruiz, has amateur bakers grappling to win the title of the best baker in order to win a cash prize of 200,000 pesos and a Nailed It trophy.

Much like the English version of the show, this iteration features the amateur bakers try to replicate complicated confectionaries, mostly with disastrous results. But the judges are mostly positive and encouraging and provide judgement based on two factors – taste and look. The judges and the contestants all take the challenges in their stride and have fun with the task at hand.

Nailed It Mexico
Netflix’s Nailed It Mexico Season 3 Review: Delightfully Entertaining 3

Nailed It Mexico is a delightful series to watch. It’s fun and doesn’t require too much thinking. The confectionaries being replicated are absolutely gorgeous and more often than not, you wouldn’t want to look away. It truly requires a lot of skills and patience to create something so beautiful and you’d be left mesmerised wondering how someone can make something so gorgeous.

It is also wonderfully entertaining to see the contestants try their level best and keep a positive attitude while recreating these pieces of art. Even though they clearly don’t have the skills to bring the cakes exactly to life, they still give it their all and do their best. The contestants are all from different backgrounds and belong to different age groups. But all of them are equally interested to give this a shot and do what is necessary to bring home the prize.

It’s also nice to see how sportingly the contestants take the criticisms that the judges dish out after witnessing their end products. The outcome of the contestants’ hard work is mostly hilarious but you’d never see them being grumpy or sad about it – it’s all in good fun!

The hosts/judges, too, are delightful and keep the spirits high. They are always joking around and their facial expressions are priceless. They keep the audience and the contestants entertained with their antics and in an odd setting as this odd bake-off, it’s all one big, funny time spent. The episode themes of Nailed It Mexico are also quite beautiful and everything in the episode follows that particular theme – including the confectionaries!

Summing up: Nailed It Mexico

Nailed It Mexico
Netflix’s Nailed It Mexico Season 3 Review: Delightfully Entertaining 4

Nailed it Mexico is an entertaining reality show that you can easily binge in a day. It’s easy-breezy and is not hard on the head. It has enough comedy and baking fails to keep the spirits lively and the people in the show are all nice and entertaining. All in all, a rather pleasant and enjoyable show.

Nailed It Mexico is streaming on Netflix.

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Nailed It Mexico season 3 is a worthy addition to the Nailed It! franchise and is as fun and entertaining as its predecessors.

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