Netflix’s My Amanda (2021) Review: Banter That Packs a Punch

My Amanda is a recently released Filipino movie on Netflix. Although the run time is not more than an hour and a half, the film does manage to hold attention throughout this time. This film is the directorial debut of Alessandra de Rossi, who has been a popular name within the Filipino film industry. She also plays Amanda, (also known as “Freams”) in the film, opposite TJ (also known as “Fuffy”) played by Piolo Pascual.

Netflix describes it as:

Two unusually close friends share every aspect of their lives together.

Although at first, My Amanda seems to inch towards following a typical Hollywood rom-com trajectory, it truly is refreshing to see a movie made about two best friends. Just that, plain and simple. A healthy platonic relationship, with a little bit of banter here and there.

The film follows Amanda and TJ, who have been best friends for almost a decade. While both of them face love, loss, grief, and huge changes in their life, the one thing that remains constant through it all is their love for one another.

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While Amanda remains the central focus throughout, we see TJ as a supportive friend from beginning to end. The film does wonders to eliminate the stereotype associated with films like these, about two best friends. In fact, I myself, half expected this to be a Filipino version of Made of Honor, the 2008 Hollywood film featuring Patrick Dempsey while he was still a starry-eyed cherub.

A still from My Amanda, featuring Alessandra de Rossi and Piolo Pascual.
A still from My Amanda, featuring Alessandra de Rossi and Piolo Pascual

All things on one side, something that must be addressed is the stellar editing. Each scene that transitions into the next with the most beautiful edits. For that matter, even the cinematography impresses to a certain level. Some shots may seem over the top and slightly unnecessary, but all in all the on-screen aesthetics are a solid 10. Considering this is a debut for Alessandra de Rossi when it comes to direction, she does an unbelievable job trying to maintain her balancing act. She not only stars as the main lead and director but also an executive producer and screenwriter. Talk about a one-woman show!

My Amanda is definitely a slow film, with barely any plot. In fact, the semblance of a plot it does have is nothing spectacular in itself. What makes the film worth a watch is how it doesn’t shy away from focusing on Amanda and TJ’s friendship. While to some, it may seem that their friendship is a little bit unrealistic, and that may be true to an extent, but then again, which movie in a genre like this is a hundred percent believable anyway, right?

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my amanda alessandra de rossi piolo pascual 01@2000x1270
A still from My Amanda, a recently released Filipino film

Final Verdict: My Amanda

All in all, My Amanda is not something I would usually watch if I was aimlessly scrolling through Netflix. However, now that I have, I would certainly recommend it. It is a lighthearted film, that packs a punch in the end. You will connect with the characters, feel for them and the end will definitely break your heart.

Full of friendly banter and quite a few cheesy lines I wasn’t a particular fan of, the film is more conversational than plot-driven. While comparing it to Before Sunrise would be blasphemy, the film tries to take on a similar note. As I said, this wasn’t a typical title on my watchlist, but I am happy, to a certain extent, that I ended up watching it. Not a must-watch, but a fun watch all the same.

My Amanda is streaming now on Netflix.

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Overall Score


My Amanda is definitely not a must-watch in any way, shape or form but it definitely is a fun and light-hearted watch.


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