Netflix’s Motel Makeover (2021) Review: Fun, Creative and Way Too Pink

Motel Makeover is a reality TV show that was recently released on Netflix. The show follows two best friends Sarah Sklash and April Brown as they transform a run-down motel from the 70s into a chic, Instagramable luxury stay.

Trailer for Motel Makeover

Sarah and April ventured into the hospitality industry without any experience. However, their previous project in Prince Edward County was a huge success and blew up over social media. Now, they’ve decided to take on a larger project and revamp an old motel with a pool and a restaurant into a classic beach getaway.

Netflix describes it as:

Amid project pitfalls and a pandemic, besties-turned-business partners bring their design magic to a rundown motel and revamp it into a go-to getaway.

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– Motel Makeover review does not contain spoilers –

The show takes us along for the ride right from the beginning from when Sarah and April first visit the location to when the motel is up and running. The show is divided into 6 episodes, each about half an hour long, which brings the total up to, more or less three hours. The show follows Sarah and April as they face challenges that come with stepping into the field without much experience.

A still from Motel Makeover filmed live in Sauble Beach

If you are a fan of home makeovers, this show is perfect for you. The motel in question gets a complete overhaul and comparing the original to the revamped version is just so satisfying. Sarah and April, two budding moteliers, have no professional expertise when it comes to design or really, even running a hotel. But they end up doing such a great job, even with the limited resources they have.

Motel Makeover: April Brown (left) and Sarah Sklash (right)
Motel Makeover: April Brown (left) and Sarah Sklash (right)

Reality TV shows are, well, predictable for the most part. You know for a fact that the last episode will ensure that everything turns out to be the way it was. But with Motel Makeovers, you really see where April and Sarah have had to make certain compromises when things got complicated, especially with their tight budget and ambitious aims.

Out of the two, it is quickly established that April is better at projecting her creative vision and design while Sarah is great at working with numbers and making sure everything stays within budget. Although their roles intermingle quite a bit, this makes the show even more fun to watch.

In terms of the entertainment factor, Motel Makeover is rather slow. There really isn’t much to work with. No suspense holds the audience in or makes them want to binge-watch the entire season in one go. There isn’t much of a plotline either, and virtually no comedy.

Motel Makeover: Sarah and April take their first on-site tour of the property they are to rework

The only thing that would prompt you to carry on watching the whole show is a curiosity to finally see the finished property, and for some, what the process actually looked like. Granted, much of the show felt like I was watching the vlog of a popular YouTube content creator, and it did get a little annoying at times.

Overall, the show’s been kept quite realistic, with zero to no interference from the producers. Every problem encountered was solved in a way that would need compromises in artistic visions, and if that’s not being super honest, I don’t know what is.

Final Verdict: Motel Makeover

True to its genre, Motel Makeover is reality TV at its best. Realistic, fun, and creative, it’s all you could hope for from a show like this. But is it worth the three hours you’d spend finishing it?

Fair warning, you’ll come out of it despising everything pink.

Motel Makeover is now streaming on Netflix.

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Overall Score


True to its genre, Motel Makeover is reality TV at its best. But is it worth the three hours you'd spend finishing it? Read on to find out.


  1. I couldn’t watch and more importantly listen to more than the first 5 minutes consecutively. The girls voices were too much. Their voices made me cringe, annoying to say the least. On minute 6, I skimmed through the the 1st episode on mute, and finished the rest of the episodes on mute skimming through it to see the end result all in 5 minutes! I think the concept of the show is great, but these two girls should consider taking some linguistic classes in the English language to understand tone & sounds, specifically.

  2. Totally agree! I found the gravelly voices extremely irritating! If these were their ‘TV’ voices, loose them – if these were their ‘normal’ voices, get some help. By the end of the 7th episode I also had had enough. Otherwise they did a great job.

  3. My thought, too. I wanted to watch this, even in the background, but couldn’t listen to the excessive vocal fry and vocal tones.

  4. Am on ep 2 – all I can think about with those beds with the drawers is bedbugs … def would want separate storage for my clothes.

  5. I couldn’t agree more with the exaggerated drawn out speech. They sound so unprofessional. They definitely need speech therapy.

  6. I literally came here looking for comments about this show’s dialog because I sincerely hoped I wasn’t the only one who found it unbearable. Their voices are very grating, and Sarah’s in particular. The Valley girl dialect has found its way to Eastern Canada.

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