Netflix’s Money Explained Review: Beware of the Scam?

Money Explained is a very educational documentary series with limited episodes, consisting of 5 episodes, each 22 to 23 minutes. It is created and portrayed in a very unique way that will make you watch the whole series. Also, it won’t take much of your time, and the information is really worth knowing.

Have you watched Scam 1992 or Abhishek Bachchan’s The Big Bull? Well, if you have, then let me tell you this is nothing like that. However, the narrators will talk about scamming your money, but it’s not about only one story. The plot is very simple yet effective. The storytellers will speak about the American people, but every single one of us has faced these kinds of situations once in a lifetime.

The episodes of Money Explained are divided into 5 parts, and each one tells a different story. The first episode, Get Rich Quick, is about how you get scammed by various companies in the name of making you ‘rich’. We all do remember the dialogue from Phir Hera Pheri, “double your money in 25 days!”, but in reality, it never happens.

The second episode is about Credit Cards. Well, we all have been frauded by credit card companies. It’s a whole system that works, and in this episode, it has been shown very elaborately. The third episode follows with Student Loan, the fourth being Gambling and the fifth one is Retirement.

Money Explained Netflix is narrated by Tiffany Haddish, Jane Lynch, Bobby Cannavale, Edie Falco and Marcia Gay Harden. At one point, Marcia says, “An American must be able to save up to one million dollars in their lifetime”, as per financial experts. And the best part of the series is it will never use any word that you won’t understand, and there are funny comic strips to make it entertaining and interesting.

Money Explained: Why you should watch it

Money explained

The Money Explained documentary talks about the most relevant topics of society – how people step into the trap and then gets scammed. This documentary show will attract you because of its portrayal. These kinds of financial documentaries tend to have commercial jargons, but this one has simple layman language with comic graphics. It will give you a feel like you are playing a video game as per the visuals.

The series has been wrapped up very smoothly with all the visual images and bytes from different personalities and video clips from previous years, giving a proper timeline of how this fraud system started. The narration has been backed up by facts and figures. Each topic has been segregated as per categories, and you will learn so much from financial experts.

Why you might want to skip it?

Money explained

Well, first, it’s a subjective documentary and finance, business and cryptocurrency may not interest you. So you can easily skip the documentary. Also, this hasn’t really made any noise, so you might not even have heard of it. But with the rise of COVID cases, you might want to know about fraud and phishing systems.

Money Explained is now streaming on Netflix.

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Money Explained is a documentary series that will open your eyes to the whole money laundering and phishing systems.
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