Netflix’s Misfit The Series Review: A Musical Delight or Disaster?

Netflix’s comedy musical drama Misfit The Series is similar to everyone’s childhood favourite High School Musical. The story revolves around the students of Hoogland Squadland musical high school which is built on the hopes and dreams of its students. The Misfit franchise is not unknown to the world as there have already been 3 films with the title since 2017 surrounding Hoogland High.

This dutch series features Meisje Djamila as Julia, Lauren Socha as Kelly Bailey, Antonia Thomas as Alisha Daniels, Robert Sheehan as Nathan Young, Iwan Rheon as Simon Bellamy, Nathan Stewart as Curtis Donovan, Matthew McNulty as Seth, Karla Crome as Jess, Craig Parkinson as Shaun, Alex Reid as Selly, and Joseph Gilgun as Rudy Wade. The series has 8 episodes all ranging from 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

– Netflix’s Misfit The Series Review does not contain spoilers –

Misfit The Series: Musical In-Making

The show introduces us to Julia, her new roommate Jason and other misfits on the Hoogland High School campus. This year the misfits are in for a big turn of events as the new headmistress Agnes is stricter than any before her and finds a way to sabotage everything the misfits plan to do. At the core of the story is a musical in which headmistress Agnes objects to any fun activity, including the musical but, the misfits being who they are plan to pull it off anyway.

Sneaking under the new principal’s nose, the gang works on making their musical a successful event but, as the story progress, we see that headmistress Agnes has finally smelled the schemes being made keeping her in the dark and she is hell-bent on making the misfits lives difficult.

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This coming of age teen musical drama explores the love, friendships and aspirations of kids trying to cross the threshold into adult life. We see some heartbreaking moments taking place when the gang turns onto each other due to evil Agnes’ indulgence, however, there is always a return to the misfits in each others’ lives, The show is told in a rather comical way and has its bits of niceness. Yet, given how there have been better shows following the same trope, the beats of this musical drop often enough and you question if you really like it or not.

The colourful series deserves a nod for the good choreography and soundtrack that gets you moving. The changing culture of the school is reflective of how pressure is provided in an institution that bags students down, very similar to Netflix’s Sex Education Season 3 and Netflix’s Love 101 Season 2. Headmistress Agnes trying to turn the liberal high school into a boarding school is a plotline that always somehow gets repeated through various shows to depict the pressure of institutionalization.

Misfit The Series: Final Verdict

With bright colours and catchy dance moves, Misfit The Series tries to keep you engaged throughout. The ultimate question of if the musical takes place and Hoogland High returns back to itself remains a question that can only be answered if you go ahead and watch the series.

If you want to relive your high school experience be it watching the old teen comedies or actually how high school left- both troubling as well as beautiful, Misfit The Series is definitely Netflix’s new project that will offer you that.

You can stream Misfit The Series now on Netflix.

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Misfit The Series is a high school drama friendship, love and fighting the system to break free.

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Misfit The Series is a high school drama friendship, love and fighting the system to break free.Netflix's Misfit The Series Review: A Musical Delight or Disaster?