Netflix’s Mine Episode 16 Recap: Glorious Women!

Mine is a drama mystery Korean series directed by Lee Na-Jeong and written by Baek Mi-kyeong and starring Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-hyeong, Hak-Yeon Cha, Ja-Yeon Ok and Jung Yi-seo, alongside other cast members. Mine episode 16 is titled Glorious Women.

Mine episode 16 recap

Let me just start off by saying that Mine episode 16, the last episode of Mine season 1, is 83 minutes long. Mine has only gotten better over time and I have seriously enjoyed watching this one. I hope that Netflix revives it for a second season.

Now, with that out of the way, Mine episode 16 starts with Hi-soo in the bunker. Baek, while on his way back, thinks about how he has been ordered to shut the case since getting the tidbit from the maid about the sleeping pills. He, however, is clearly unconvinced.

The next day in Mine episode 16, Jin-ho realises that he won 5 million won. He is ecstatic and, not finding anyone to share the news with, tells Jang of his win. He gives the ticket to him since he doesn’t need the money. Jang promises to use it well but asks what he should do for him in return. He tells him that he doesn’t need anything… well, except, he asks Jang to take a bath with him sometimes since he’s lonely. Jang is left speechless.

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Jin-ho next goes to Seo-hyun in Mine episode 16 and tells her about his win. The conversation eventually leads to who killed Ji-yong, and Seo-hyun refuses to tell him, saying that it’s better that he didn’t know this, as always.

As Hi-soo goes to meet Mother Emma before she leaves, Yu-yeon comes back home and talks to Seo-hyun. I like how their relationship has become better over the course of the season. However, I thought that she would make more of an impact in the story, which ended up not happening. 

While taking care of Ha-joon in Mine episode 16, Hye-jin remembers back to when Ji-yong had given her the horseshoe necklace. As Ha-joon gets ready to go to the US, Hi-soo tells him to be brave and to take care of himself. Ha-joon, too, reminds her that only she can protect herself.

While eating together, Soo-hyuk tells everyone that he wants Ha-joon’s room to stay at Rubato so that he can stay there when he comes back from the US during school breaks. Everyone agrees with him and Seo-hyun tells everyone that Ha-joon can take care of Hyowon when he grows up, however, they need to take Hi-soo’s permission since she is his mother.

Hi-soo seems to still be quite taken by what happened the night of Ji-yong’s death. As she goes to the scene of the crime, she cannot contain her feelings and starts crying. The ringing of the clock takes her, and us, back to the night of the incident in Mine episode 16.

On the night of the incident, Soo-hyuk gives Seo-hyun a gift for her achievements. The gesture makes her happy – she is taken by her son’s show of love. He thanks her for raising him well, and calls him ‘mother’.

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As the party starts, we see what Seong-tae had actually told Ji-yong – that Jin-ho has asked to meet him at the bunker. As Hi-soo and Seo-hyun look on in Mine episode 16, Ji-yong makes his way to Cadenza. As he goes into the bunker, Seong-tae locks him in. He then administers the poisonous gas into the bunker. Ji-yong feels the effects and desperately calls the maids to his aid. Meanwhile, Seong-tae is unable to accept what he is doing.

As Ji-yong chokes, Seong-tae contemplates what he should do and pours down more of the liquid into the pipes. As Ji-yong feels the effects of the posion, he receives the incriminating video of the murder he committed from Hi-soo. However, Seong-tae is overcome by the guilt of what he is doing and frees Ji-yong.

In the meantime, Hi-soo also goes off trying to find Ji-yong in Mine episode 16 after getting a frantic phone call from him. However, he immediately attacks her when he sees her and tries to choke on the second storey staircase.

Seo-hyun hears the commotion outside as well, however, I won’t give away who actually killed Ji-yong in my Mine episode 16 recap. But, as we look back at the entire story now after knowing who killed Ji-yong, it’s easier to understand why some people acted the way they did. As the events of the night take place in quick succession with the help of shaky camera work, it’s amazing to think how smoothly everything went for the family subsequently. The name of the episode, Glorious Women, is thus truly apt.

Also, let’s just say – Hi-soo does remember.

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As the day arrives for Ha-joon to leave, Hye-jin asks Hi-soo why she pretended to lose her memory. She says that it was to protect Ha-joon – it’s bad enough that his father is dead, but he’d be devastated to know that Ji-yong tried to murder her. And in the end, these two reconcile too.

Jin-ho finally gets to share the bath with Jang and Hi-soo sits in Ji-yong’s study. She tearfully wonders why Ji-yong had to be that way. She exclaims that although she cannot forgive him, she will forget him for her own sake.

As Hi-soo leaves, Min-su tells her the truth. The former has a tearful conversation with Seo-hyun and it becomes clear who was trying to protect whom till the very end.

6 months later, in Mine episode 16, Jin-ho is happily managing the house and its affairs. It seems like he has really found his true calling. Yu-yeon and Soo-hyuk seem happy together and are moving into Rubato. Seo-hyun is finally chairwoman (yay!) and Hi-soo makes a comeback with the drama series Mine. Seo-hyun also meets Mother Emma, who now lives in a retirement home (I think).

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Seo-hyun also decides to accept her true self and calls Suzy to tell her that she will meet her next week. Hye-jin oversees Ha-joon’s horse riding lesson, just like with Ji-yong. Mine episode 16 ends with Hi-soo saying that loving herself despite having lost everything was the answer to everything, as both she and Seo-hyun look at the camera and smile.

Okay, so, Mine episode 16 drives home the idea of women empowerment. It’s evident from the title, of course, but throughout the episode, it’s shocking how the women take care of themselves and help each other out in tough situations, especially Hi-soo and Seo-hyun. Although, of course, they did it throughout the season, it was subtler. In this episode, apart from women helping each other grow, the idea of self-love and expression, along with the taboo around homosexuality, are also explored. Seo-hyun’s conflict with herself is something that we have seen throughout the season, and Mine episode 16 really drives the point home.

All in all, I think Mine is a series worth watching. It’s thrilling, hopeful and very empowering to watch. It makes for a fun binge.

Mine is streaming on Netflix.

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As Mine episode 16 ends the season, it leaves us feeling a bit heartbroken and a lot happy.

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