Netflix’s Mine Episode 14 Recap: Fighting in the Dark

Mine is a drama mystery Korean series directed by Lee Na-Jeong and written by Baek Mi-kyeong and starring Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-hyeong, Hak-Yeon Cha, Ja-Yeon Ok and Jung Yi-seo, alongside other cast members. Mine episode 14 is titled Fighting in the Dark.

Mine Episode 14 Recap

Mine episode 14 starts off with the detective trying to piece together what could’ve happened on the night of the murder. He thinks about what all of the suspects had said and about what Mother Emma had said and wonders who could be lying.

Min-su takes the detective to see Yang Soon-hye, who is eating. However, she doesn’t seem to be interested to have a conversation. So, Min-su then takes him to the chairman’s study. As they are about to head out of the room, Soon-hye comes barging in demanding that the detective leaves her home. However, he says that he needs all of their cooperation to find out how and why Ji-yong died.

It is here in Mine episode 14 that Soon-hye lets it slip that Ji-yong and Mother Emma have known each other for years and that she lied to the family about this. As Soon-hye continues screaming, Min-su ushers him outside where he meets Hwang Hyeong-su who also wanted to take a look around. They both leave to check out Kwak Su-chang’s case.

At the station, the two officers try to come up with how Ji-yong died. They come up with many possibilities and it’s nice that the series has taken a different turn than just focusing on the family. The investigation angle should be good to watch, considering there are only two more episodes left. Anyway, both the inspectors decide to try and find the third person who has seemingly vanished into thin air.

Four days before the murder, we see Seong-tae taking Ji-yong to see Suk-chul using a secret passage. Seong-tae looks tensed at what he has done and he comes to his room and takes out the blue diamond necklace. Min-su arrives outside his room and asks him whether he escorted Ji-yong to the bunker, Seo-tae says that he did and that he was tensed about it. She says that he did a good job and then leaves. However, Seong-tae goes to the bunker and opens the door of the bunker.

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Inside the bunker, Suk-chul asks Ji-yong to let go of all the anger and hatred and turn over a new leaf. He should try to be better while everyone wants to help him and that it isn’t too late for him yet. However, Ji-yong refuses to do so and leaves. Suk-chul is understandably left heartbroken.

Hi-soo asks Mother Emma to come to her house in Mine episode 14 while, at the same time, Ji-yong asks a servant to get a prescription of something for him. He says that it has to be the strongest dose, regardless of whether it is lethal or not. Meanwhile, Hi-soo takes Mother Emma to Kwak Hyeon-dong and tells her about Ji-yong’s hobby. Mother Emma is taken aback and Hi-soo asks her to choose – either tell Ji-yong where this man is so that he can kill him, or convince Ji-yong to turn himself over to the police.

Later, in Mine episode 14, Ji-yong gives Ha-joon a pep talk and tells him to do his best and not feel bad while he’s in the States. The two share a sweet moment and this is when Ji-yong’s more humane side comes out. You feel like he’s probably redeemable, and Hye-jin looks in and watches them a bit suspiciously.  In the interrogation room with the detective, Hye-jin says that that was the last time she saw Ji-yong. According to her, Ji-yong believed that Ha-joon belonged to him only and that is probably the only way he knew how to love him.

Mother Emma goes to meet Ji-yong and on the way, she talks to Seong-tae about sinners and sin. She breaks down in front of him and tries to do everything in her power to convince him to do what’s right. However, that does not seem to have an effect on him. In turn, Ji-yong asks Mother Emma to stop Hi-soo for him. However, Mother Emma refuses and he asks her to get out.

Seo-hyun is talking on the phone about the shareholders meet and asks the person on the other end of the line to conduct the meeting quietly. In the meantime, Hye-jin comes and thanks her for everything. Seo-hyun asks her to take care of Ha-joon and Hye-jin promises to do so. The latter then asks her what she’s planning to do with Ji-yong and Seo-hyun says that God will help them all.

Three days before the murder, inspector Hwang calls and tells Jin-ho that they have caught the person who killed Kwak Su-chang. Jin-ho says that Ji-yong must have hired him and that they need to take him into custody. However, Hwang asks him to come to the station. As Hwang is interrogating the suspect, Cho Beom-gu, he remembers that Ji-yong had asked him to lie in order to get more money. And he did just that. Jin-ho is suspicious as well but they have no way of proving that.

Hwang tells Jin-ho that they were not able to find the burner phone that Ji-yong had used, but they did get a solid piece of evidence – Cho Gyeong-cheol. They found the record between Ji-yong and the fight broker which turned out to be their golden egg. After that information came to light, Beom-gu had no other option but to confess.

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Two days before the murder, Ji-yong gets the news that they are postponing his appointment. He is pissed and tries to make Mr Park understand that Hye-jin’s video is nothing but Park disconnects the call. Jin-ho says that Ji-yong was really anxious days before the murder; he suspects that someone had something big on him.

One day before the murder, Seong-tae, clutching the necklace, cries thinking about something. Min-su, too, looks concerned.

On the day of the murder, as Soo-hyuk’s engagement with Yu-yeon takes place, different family members seem to have different feelings about it. While some look happy, others are not at all satisfied with the outcome… or maybe they are just bracing themselves for what’s to come? It is then that Jin-ho gets the call about his brother-in-law’s accident and he rushes off. Ji-yong looks at him leaving and in the meantime, Seong-tae comes over and whispers something to Ji-yong. Everyone notices, as if expecting something to happen. Anyway, Ji-yong, too, walks off followed by Seong-tae.

10 days after the murder, Hi-soo asks the family whether they should send Ha-joon to the States with Hye-jin. Seo-hyun tells her that Ha-joon should stay close to her, his mother, since he requires stability after his father’s death. Hi-soo, however, essentially wants to ship him off with Hye-jin and says that Ha-joon needs to accept the truth regarding his situation.

However, Suk-chul asks her to stay at Hyowon and raise Ha-joon after getting rid of Hye-jin. Hi-soo disagrees and says that Ha-joon is a stranger to her and she does not want to raise him. This is shocking for the entire family. Seo-hyun asks her to wait till her memory comes back before making a decision, but Hi-soo says that she doesn’t want to remember something so shocking that made her brain go blank.

Ha-joon talks to Hye-jin and says that he was scared when Hye-jin showed up – he thought that Hi-soo might leave him and says that he is scared of losing his mother the most. However, now he is more afraid of his mother not remembering him. As they embrace each other and cry, Hi-soo listens in on their conversation and gets emotional.

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She goes to meet Mother Emma in Mine episode 14 and they talk about old times and how fond they were of each other. Hi-soo still does not remember anything though and thus asks her about the last text message that she had sent Mother Emma. The latter tells Hi-soo her feelings regarding Ji-yong and how she could’ve helped him if only she had known how lonely he was.

As we see the flashback regarding Ji-yong, you kind of feel heartbroken for him as well. Ji-yong just never had a chance. On the other hand in Mine episode 14, Jin-hee and Yang Soon-hye talk about the murder. Soon-hye is convinced that someone killed Ji-yong and remembers seeing blood in Seo-hyun’s hands. They both ask each other whether either of them had anything to do with it. It seems like the incident has created a rift among all the family members.

The next day in Mine episode 14, Hi-soo reads the script for Night of Memory, one of her acting roles, when Ha-joon comes over with Hye-jin. Ha-joon asks her to have rameyon with him since they had done so some time back. Ha-joon cries when he realises that Hi-soo does not remember the time that they had spent together, concerning both Hi-soo and Hye-jin. The detective, on the other hand, finds the movie as well and is shocked to learn that Hi-soo had played the role of a person from amnesia very convincingly. He starts to doubt that Hi-soo might be lying.

Suk-chul, on the other hand, talks to Seo-hyun and discusses about the company in Mine episode 14. He then asks her to burn all of the things in the bunker and place them next to Ji-yong’s grave. As he leaves, Seo-hyun spots Hi-soo and asks her to come to an auction with her. However, Hi-soo tells her about her plans to meet some old friends.

Meanwhile, Baek Dong-hun, the detective, comes over to meet Seo-hyun and asks her whether she thinks Hi-soo really lost her memory. He then asks her to show him her arm and sees a gash on her finger. Meanwhile, inspector Hwang finds out that the person next to Ji-yong was Hi-soo – she came to the ER with extensive injuries. Baek tells Seo-hyun this, and the latter does not even flinch. He asks to check Seo-hyun’s home and she agrees.

Meanwhile, in Mine episode 14, the three women come face to face and look at each other. Baek thinks back to what Mother Emma and Yang Soon-hye told him and something does not add up. In his interrogation with Hye-jin, he asks her, in not so many words, whether she drove Hi-soo to the hospital but she denies it.

As Baek and Hwang try to figure out what actually happened, the audience too gets various perspective and options regarding the night. I don’t think my Mine episode 14 recap will do justice to the ending of the episode, and if you’ve been a fan for this long, I’d advise you to experience this twisty story – it will definitely leave you wanting more.

As for me, I almost lost my mind as to how deliciously complicated the series keeps getting.

Mine is streaming on Netflix.

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Hurling towards the finale, Mine episode 14 is deliciously twisted and will make you question who killed Ji-yong!

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