Netflix’s Mimi Review: Beautiful and Heartfelt

Mimi premiered on Netflix on 26th July 2021. Directed by Laxman Utekar, the film’s story and screenplay, originally based on the 2011 film Mala Aai Vhhaychy! The 133-minute long Hindi-language film stars Kriti Sanon, Pankaj Tripathi, Evelyn Edwards, Sai Tamhankar, Aidan Whytock, Supriya Pathak, and Manoj Pahwa alongside other cast members.

The film was released on 26th July 2021 instead of 30th July 2021 on Netflix on the account of Kriti Sanon’s birthday!

Surrogacy and Motherhood

– Mimi review contains minor spoiler ahead –

Mimi is a story of motherhood, a story that tells you that to be a parent you don’t always have to be connected by blood. Parenting is more than just biology, it’s emotional and mental. Mimi revolves around the life of Mimi (Kriti Sanon) who is an aspiring actor and an amazing dancer. She does small shows so that she can collect enough money to leave for Mumbai. But things take a turn for her when she is introduced to a foreign couple namely John and Summer, who are looking for a surrogate by their driver Bhanu (Pankaj Tripathi.) With a promise of paying Mimi 20 lakh rupees in return for her being the surrogate mother, the story moves forth.

Just when everything seems to be going right with Mimi happy and the baby healthy things take a turn, changing Mimi’s life and ambition forever. Will she survive this or will she quit is a journey we follow alongside Mimi, Bhanu, and everyone else involved.

In terms of its storyline, the movie is predictable in various folds, you get a fair idea of what’s going to happen next even though you cannot exactly chalk out what is coming your way. But what makes this movie a good watch despite the predictability is Sanon’s performance and undeniably, it is one of her best performances to date. Even in a storyline so simple, it is Sanon’s performance that’ll make you feel the despair her character is facing. Then there is Pankaj Tripathi and well, whenever there is Tripathi in any film it comes with guaranteed laughter and emotional understanding and the same goes for Mimi. He is immaculate and hilarious.

Netflix's Mimi Review: Beautiful and Heartfelt 2

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Another aspect that makes Mimi a good watch is the music. Every song in the movie fits the situation and the character so well, it deserves appreciation. With a total of 7 songs, the music album is a mixed bag of beautiful music and moments. There are very few dull moments in the movie, the music is beautiful, the story engrossing, the cast amazingly assembled. There is very little about Mimi that might leave one disappointed.

Considering that both Luka Chuppi and Mimi are filmed by the same director, the latter comes across as a more mature, engaging, and emotionally evoking film by Utekar.

Stream It or Skip It

“This film is an emotional journey of two mothers and Bhanu. We are not trying to break any taboo. It is a tale told very humorously. But it does explain surrogacy in a basic language” -Laxman Utekar

STREAM IT! I started watching Mimi with minimum expectations and to my surprise, the film turned out to be a good family watch. It’s a story of two mothers and how it changes them in different ways. This is in no way is a perfect film but it is definitely beautiful.

Also, did you know Sanon had to gain 15 kgs weight to look pregnant! well done, Kriti.

Mimi is streaming now on Netflix.

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Mimi is a beautiful and engaging story that takes you on a mini-emotional ride.

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