Netflix’s Metal Shop Masters Review: Creative Metalwork For Huge Prize Money

Metal Shop Masters, a competition based on moulding and creating something extraordinary from metal, is now out on Netflix. The series consists of six episodes of 35 minutes. Jo Koy is the host of the show, and sculptor and welder David Madero and Stephanie Hoffman are the judges.

The description reads – On this competition show, a group of metal artists torch, cut and weld epic, badass creations from hardened steel. Only one will win a $50,000 prize.

Netflix’s Metal Shop Masters Does Not Contain Spoilers

Rae, Tom, Frank, Seven, Leah, Ivan, and Lou are the seven metal artists competing in the Netflix show. Every episode requires them to design and build something unique out of steel to impress the judges. Every episode has one elimination, and the person who lasts the longest earns the title of ‘Metal Shop Masters’ and $50,000 in prize money.

The participants of Netflix Metal Shop Masters must design an avatar of themselves or something that reflects them in the first episode. The entrants were given two weeks to work on their avatar metal framework. They have 10 hours to do the rest of the task, and the person who fails to meet the judges’ requirements is eliminated.

In the rest of the series, Metal Shop Masters judges David Madero and Stephanie Hoffman give them inventive challenges, such as creating seafood-themed grills or even shadowy structures. I’m sure you’re perplexed as to what these concepts are. However, after watching the show, everything makes sense.

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Everyone wants to win the title and the cash reward, so the contenders are tremendously motivated to do their best. The judges are picky about what they desire, but their comments are more constructive than harsh. Every contestant has a unique idea, and their enthusiasm for the art is evident in their finished piece.

Metal Shop Masters Still

Netflix’s Metal Shop Masters Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, the series is a delight for fans of metal art. I’m not a big fan, but I enjoyed watching these skilled people construct things out of metal like it’s nothing. Even with a sheet of paper, I have trouble making the perfect plane. Metal Shop Masters on Netflix is a fascinating show to watch if you want a break from the fictional tales.

Metal Shop Masters is now streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's Metal Shop Masters Review: 7 metal artists compete and create some mind-blowing art and one of them take home huge prize money.


  1. No kidding Tim!! Ivan totally should have won the show. He was better in every other challenge and even in the last one it was way more imaginative, creative and daring. If they wanted a car, they should have just said they wanted a car!
    Any of the people that were on that show could have made what Tom made,… None of them could have made what Ivan made!

  2. Ivan should have won. You could’ve left these guys alone and you’d know who really does the job under pressure. Adding help to them in the last round was such a distraction. You know ivan was the reason why tom got into the next round when they were a team, it was all his idea with the piano and all and tom as he said stood back and followed whatever ivans concept was. So disappointing since the dog shadow sculpture of ivan was so moving and his dog died while attending this show. Ivan needs a come back. He is the winner!

  3. I was bitterly disappointed in this show, Ivan clearly stood head and shoulders above everyone, and I was absolutely STUNNED that Leo was not a finalist and somehow Tom’s work was chosen. Time and again, Tom’s work was childish and completely lacked ANY creative anything. I think the fault is in the premise and makeup of the show and the judging. While David is a very renowned artist, WHO IS this Stephanie Hoffman judge? I’ve tried to find ANY of her work – she was a welding instructor at a vocational school? Are you kidding us? This was a huge insult, you either need a show focused on how to make great welds (who friggen cares) or a show about serious art. To pit someone like Ivan and Leo against this Tom fellow – how incredibly sad. To pitch somehow the final contest of a zombie machine – are you kidding? It sounded very clearly like Stephanie was behind that, and because Tom slapped flat panels of metal with 2 other welders onto a golfcart… this is art? Wow, Rome has fallen. Ivan, your work is remarkable, especially the piece with you and your dog – wonderful.

  4. Agree with the other comments. The show was great until the final episode. Ivan was obviously the best metalworker for the entire competition, and got completely robbed. Incompetent judges for the fact they crowned Tom over Ivan – makes me not want to watch a second season if they had one.

  5. Tom created a car that the mediocre judges could imagine. Ivan’s creative excellence soared over their limited vision even inspite of the fact the the “assistants” parachuted in to help in the end made his task even more challenging. A great injustice has been done.

  6. If this show does continue hey NETFILX how about giving the competitors some descent tools to work with don’t be so CHEAP. and IVAN should have won

  7. Complete BS that Ivan didn’t win and his helpers were incompetent. Not only that, throughout the entire show the two judges were ass holes to the contestants and annoying. Because of the last episode most of all, I’m not interested in watching any other season. This show was a great idea but poorly directed and judged.

  8. I agree with all the comments…Ivan was clearly the winner!! Very disappointed with the judges comments and final selection.

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Netflix's Metal Shop Masters Review: Creative Metalwork For Huge Prize MoneyNetflix's Metal Shop Masters Review: 7 metal artists compete and create some mind-blowing art and one of them take home huge prize money.