Netflix’s Marriage or Mortgage Review: Odd Choices

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Marriage or Mortgage is a reality TV series hosted by Nichole Holmes and Sarah Miller.

For anyone needing a reality TV fix this weekend, Netflix probably has the most interesting show to rope you in. What if you’re newly engaged and now you have to choose either between buying a house or having the wedding of your dreams? That’s the theme for reality show Marriage or Mortgage. Realistically? You’d probably try to come to a compromise between the two because let’s face it – both are pretty important. But unfortunately, that wouldn’t make for good TV.

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Marriage or Mortgage features 10 episodes which feature wedding planner Sarah Miller and real estate agent Nichole Holmes who go head-to-head to sway the engaged couples one way or the other. Okay, it might not be as dramatic as I’m making it out to be – the episodes are quite breezy and cheery, but loss of business is dramatic either way, right?

Miller is a hopeless romantic and is someone who believes that weddings are forever and should be celebrated and grandly as possible. On the other hand, Holmes, who’s been divorced previously, knows that investing in the future is more important than a one-day affair. The women spend a day with the couples individually and try to understand their needs. While Miller takes the couples to check out wedding venues, caterers and everything that a wedding might require in their budget, Holmes tries to showcase different homes that might suit the couple. All of this is a ploy to make them choose either of these options by the end of the half-an-hour episode.

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If you’re someone who’s wondering that the house makes the most sense in the scenario (and I am right there with you), you’d be surprised by the decisions that some of these people make. Miller and Holmes both are at the top of their games and that’s pretty apparent in the way that they meet their clients’ demands. There are a few tradeoffs that the couples have to make as well, but are they worth it? That question might just depend on where you stand in the marriage or mortgage battle.

It’s nice to watch the two leading women of Marriage or Mortgage and more often than not, their opinions and judgements seem well intentioned – there aren’t too many advertisements about their own places of work, unlike other shows that we have seen before this.

  • Marriage or Mortgage
  • Marriage or Mortgage
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There are a host of couples from various backgrounds to rope you in as well. For a reality TV series, Marriage or Mortgage is quite mild, and honestly, this one feels realistic even though you know that it’s not. It’s a good watch and entirely bingable and the odd choice that the couples have to make might just keep you the edge of your seat (okay, maybe that’s a bit much).

Although it’s great entertainment, I still am quite confused about why someone would spend an exorbitant amount of money on a party which would hinder them from getting a house. But then again, reality TV does not always have to stick to reality, ironically.

Miller and Holmes are charming hosts. They bring flair and poise to this odd arrangement of a show and seem to know exactly what their customers want. They know all the happening places and cater to every whim of the couples – there’s a ranch-dressing fountain, for god’s sake. As shocking as that may sound, it’s honestly funny to watch and if you’re someone who wants to shut off their minds and indulge in some odd voyeurism, then Marriage or Mortgage is where you should be heading.

Summing up: Marriage or Mortgage

Marriage or Mortgage

Marriage or Mortgage is a reality TV show that’s a delight to watch. The hosts are delightful and seem trustworthy and the couples are neither too boring nor are they too annoying. So, will the couples buy a house or choose a party? Well, the answers might shock you.

Marriage or Mortgage is streaming on Netflix.

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Marriage or Mortgage is an odd show that is absolutely delightful to watch.
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