Netflix’s Man in Love (2021) Review: Unexpectedly Heartbreaking

Man in Love, or Dang Nan Ren Lian Ai Shi, is a romantic drama film directed by Chen-Hao Yin, and starring Roy Chiu and Wei-Ning Hsu, along with other cast members.

The Netflix description reads:

When he meets a debt-ridden woman who’s caring for her ailing father, a debt collector with a heart of gold sets out to win her love.

– Man in Love review does not contain spoilers –

A-Cheng is a debt collector with a heart of gold. If you can tell him a story sad enough, he’ll give you a discount or not taking your money at all. So, it’s interesting when he meets Hao Ting, a woman who is taking care of her father and through him gets a lot of debt on her head.

The thing is though, A-Cheng develops a crush on Hao Ting, probably because she takes no shit from anyone. She simply does not have the time for giving shits to others. Thus, when she refuses to have anything to do with him, he comes up with a crazy plan.

Now, listen, Man in Love is funny because Roy Chiu does absolutely crazy things. The way he puts a cigarette in his mouth is just… oddly funny. However, what I felt for most of the runtime are discomfort and sadness. This is supposed to be a funny movie, you know. But I couldn’t help but feel heartbroken for Hao Ting. The girl has been given a shit hand at life and here comes a debt collector forcefully inserting himself in her life.

Man in Love tries really hard to make us see that there’s love brewing there. But, to be honest, it’s depressing to watch A-Cheng bully people around him. As the movie progresses, and a difficult time emerges in Hao Ting’s life, it’s weird that he takes up the husband’s role in her life. It’s a heartbreaking few minutes to watch her go through it all. However, you’re left wondering whether this is ok or not.

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However, as Man in Love progresses further and we get to know A-Cheng more, it becomes more and more apparent that he’s not a bad guy. He has his reasons to choose this profession, a sad one at that. And as the story advances, you fall in love with A-Cheng somewhere. He’s sweet, sensitive and has a soft heart.

But you know this won’t end well. You just know. The happy montages that we see? You know it’s going to come sting you later on. The second half of Man in Love is sad for all the reasons you could think of. As the dominos fall one after the other, you can’t help but feel hopeless. You want these people to have a good life and to get away from all the suffering. However, that does not happen.

Dear reader, if you want to watch Man in Love to see a happily ever after, you are not getting that. However, this is a sweet story nevertheless. Roy Chiu and Ann Hsu are so great as the protagonists. Roy Chiu is just so amazing as A-Cheng, you just feel for him every second of the way.

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Another positive about Man in Love is the music. It’ll either get your foot tapping or make your heart melt. All in all, it’s so good!

Ok now, let me mention something, as much as I liked this movie, I’d like to point out that the movie’s premise stating that a woman can change the worst of men is hogwash and very toxic. It’s not a woman’s duty or job to change men. People should be their own whole, good person before they get into any kind of relationship. Sure, everyone has baggage, but asking to change you into someone completely different is absolutely a no-no. People should not be burdened with such things.

Summing up: Man in Love

Man in Love

Man in Love is a rollercoaster of emotions. It starts off a bit crazy, but as it progresses it becomes heartwarming to breaking. Watch this one to get some feels, but beware, the melodrama is high with this one.

Man in Love is streaming on Netflix.

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Man in Love has some genuinely heartfelt moments that might make you weep, but the questionable premise will come to haunt you.

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Netflix's Man in Love (2021) Review: Unexpectedly HeartbreakingMan in Love has some genuinely heartfelt moments that might make you weep, but the questionable premise will come to haunt you.