Netflix’s Magic for Humans Spain Review: Mind Tricks

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Magic for Humans Spain is the third instalment of the series where magician Mago Pop performs magic tricks in the street. The series consists of six episodes, with each about 24-minutes long.

Magic is for everyone. Sure, the older you get, the more you question and doubt, and sometimes straight-out disapprove and refuse to accept, but it’s still great to watch nonetheless. Good magic can be fun, entertaining and can make you wonder what the heck just happened. Watching magic on Netflix, however, is a little bit different.

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With a streaming platform performing tricks, it’s easy to get lost in the thought that, hey, this is edited. Which it is, and you really have to wonder if anything you’re seeing on screen is actually performed or done in front of a green screen. But well, if you keep the disbelief away for a second, Magic for Humans Spain is a pretty fun series to watch.

Our protagonist, or magician, rather, is Mago Pop, who performs magic tricks on innocent and unsuspecting passers-by.

Magic for Humans Spain
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The most interesting aspect, for me, when it comes to Magic for Humans Spain is the fact that the series goes over a lot of different themes. Each episode follows one specific idea and Mago Pop bases all of his magic on them. It’s an entertaining and fun watch, and mostly keeps you hooked to the screen. I was left wondering many times as to how the man did what he did. But then again, the nagging sensation of watching this unfold on TV does not really help with the believability aspect of it.

This isn’t to say there’s anything new about the show. The format, and sometimes the tricks, are pretty tried and tested. Netflix has an itch to put a cultural twist to every show that it introduces, and Magic for Humans is no different. The format is the same, it’s just that it takes place at a different location and the host is different. It’s still entertaining regardless and makes for good and fun TV, but it does not even try to bring something different to the table. The show is happy with its already established format and sticks to it relentlessly.

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I think one of the most interesting aspects of Magic for Humans Spain is the fact that how easily human beings can be influenced. Mago Pop is an entertainer and is a good showman and the tricks and magic that he performs are interesting. They aren’t too big for you to stop believing it (because, street magic) but aren’t too small or insignificant for you to skip forward. It’s right in the middle which is charming and entertaining, but then again, isn’t anything different from its American iteration.

Summing up: Magic for Humans Spain

Magic for Humans Spain

Magic for Humans Spain works as much for the magic as it does for the magician. Mago Pop is an easy-going person who seems really sweet. He’s all about entertaining the audience and having fun, rather than proving a point. The show is a fun ride, and with episodes that are around 24-minutes long, it makes for a weekend watch that entertains not only the kids but the adults as well.

Magic for Humans Spain is streaming on Netflix.

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Magic for Humans Spain adds a cultural twist to a successful series but adds nothing new to differentiate it from its predecessors.
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