Netflix’s Lucifer Season 6 Review: Goodbye, Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer is a TV series created by Tom Kapinos and stars Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Lesley-Ann Brandt, D.B. Woodside, Rachael Harris, and Aimee Garcia, alongside other cast members. Lucifer season 6 has 10 episodes, each around 45-50 minutes.

– Lucifer season 6 review does not contain spoilers –

I’m going to start the Lucifer season 6 review off by saying that it’s been a journey. It hasn’t been consistent all through, and there definitely have been moments, seasons and episodes which have been a complete bore. However, Lucifer has given us some good laughs, a protagonist who’s impossible to dislike and a very attractive Tom Ellis. So, you know, I’d say it’s been a win. Now that the show is coming to an end, I am kind of heartbroken.

Anyway, as with every other season, Lucifer season 6 is more about Lucifer finding himself, going through the various avenues of his ever-changing life and his relationships with those around him. Add to that the relationship of the other people around him, their thoughts, feelings and lives – it’s always a great watch.

It’s the last season. So, you might be wondering what Lucifer season 6 is bringing new to the table and how it’s going to bring an end to Morningstar’s madness. Well, it’s a cartoon episode! The last season’s musical and black and white episodes were quite the talk of the town and the cartoon one is absolutely hilarious. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it.

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There are some lovely emotional moments in Lucifer season 6 that truly will resonate with you. Whether it be Lucifer helping someone in Hell or Amenadiel and Linda having a heart-to-heart, it’s all so very sweet and heart-touching. It’s probably because the series has given us such an in-depth, funny and passionate view into the lives of our characters. You just want to see them interact more.

Anyway, let’s talk a bit about Lucifer season 6’s antagonist – someone Lucifer doesn’t even recognise at first and we spend too much time to get to the reveal. I won’t, obviously, spoil it. However, it’s something that comes right out of the left field. Introducing a completely different and new character in the series finale is risky. Does it work out for the series? No spoilers, of course.

Lucifer season 6 is interesting. I like how the series has been really trying to introduce new things to the mix and keep it spicy. Aurora’s introduction is pretty nice, I actually enjoyed her entry into the series. Her interacting with everyone around her is funny as well as interesting.

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Again, my favourite season was Lucifer season 5 part 2. I mean, who can forget God, isn’t it? But, this season’s craziness is pretty awesome as well. Everyone who loves Lucifer and its various alleys will also thoroughly enjoy a little skirmish between two leads.  

The crime-solving isn’t all that interesting, since you’ll be able to figure out what’s going to happen anyway. But, then again, Lucifer wasn’t ever about the crime-solving. And, that’s ok. We love it regardless. Lucifer season 6 also sprinkles in various important social topics so that’s something to look forward to.

As usual, Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Lesley-Ann Brandt and D.B. Woodside are absolutely amazing, as is everyone on the show. Ellis and German are absolutely amazing and provide the right amount of drama and emotion to this celestial tale. The family drama is absolutely binge-worthy. But the one who takes the cake and shows the most range is Lesley-Ann Brandt. Maze is absolutely amazing and Brandt does an amazing job at portraying her.

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Summing up: Lucifer season 6

Lucifer season 6 ends the series beautifully. Yes, I did like the second part of last season more because that’s my favourite part of Lucifer but I digress. It’s fun, entertaining and extremely emotional at times, as always. I am gonna miss you, Morningstar!

Lucifer is streaming on Netflix.

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Lucifer season 6 is entertaining as all hell and ends off the series really well.

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