Netflix’s Love Never Lies Review: Pushing The Limits

Netflix’s 2021 release titled Love Never Lies aka Amor Con Fianza takes us through a trip similar to that of the Bachelor in Paradise reality TV series. Produced by Fremantle, this reality show is hosted by Mónica Naranjo concerning the lives of six couples placed in an isolated environment. Netflix has released the first six episodes of the show and the season finale is going to be out on November 18, 2021. All the episodes have both English and Spanish audio and subtitles. The runtime for each episode ranges from 50 minutes to over an hour.

– Netflix’s Love Never Lies review does not contain spoilers –

Love Never Lies: Episodes 1 to 6

Love Never Lies aka Amor Con Fianza is based around love and relationships and the scandals pertaining to them. We meet our six couples- Cristina and Carles, Mar and Aleix, Adrian and Laura, Kevin and Katherine, Paula and Daniel, Jose and Fran in episode one and follow their rocky journey over the course of six episodes. They are hosted at an idyllic villa filled with all the luxury and amenities they’d need. However, what seemingly feels like a vacation spot is not what the surface shows as host Monica Najaro walks at the beginning of the series to lay down the rules for what the couples are going to be into.

Throughout their experience, the couples will be subjected to Eye Detect- a revolutionary detector that analyzes the involuntary eye movements triggered when one lies. By the end, the couples are going to be called out for a ceremony where the results of the eye detection will be provided with incidents and scenes from the villa that not everyone might not be aware of. Pushing the couples’ trust to the limits, the series generates an air of love, lie, jealousy and betrayal.

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Sounds a little like Netflix’s Insiders and their faux technology of data analyzer to find the ideal contestant for the show? Well, it is! Just more erotic and explicit in terms of sexual and intimate content. And, more similar to Netflix’s other reality show there is an award waiting at the end for what the couples put up through- a juicy cash prize up to 100,000 euros!

What awaits the couple as well as the audience are a series of events that can play out either in their favour or against, building up the tension in the show where either you end up hating or loving your partner even more. They are separately tested and new guests walk in to make the situation tougher. Filled with unexpected cracks in love both young and old, the show stands strong on the ground to help the couple understand their true colours and emotions.

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Love Never Lies: Final Thoughts

Love Never Lies has nothing new to offer to the audience, it follows the same trope as much as any other reality TV show by banking on cheating and sex, as people turn against one another. Often enough the entire set-up and flow of events seem smashed together and pretentious. However, if you are a sucker for reality TV shows, you can choose to binge it and get all the dramatic vibes you need.

You can stream all six episodes of Love Never Lies aka Amor Con Fianza on Netflix. The big reveal on which couples survived the stay and which ones didn’t will happen in a finale that is slated to be out on November 18th.

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Love Never Lies aka Amor Con Fianza conducts over six episodes testing the relationship of six couples.


  1. Love never lies – Netflix, if you like reality shows about couples relationship, I recommend this one . A lot of couples will be identified for sure.

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Netflix's Love Never Lies Review: Pushing The LimitsLove Never Lies aka Amor Con Fianza conducts over six episodes testing the relationship of six couples.