Netflix’s Love is Blind Brazil Review: 2 Peas in a Pod?

Created by Chris Coelen and produced by Kinetic Content, Love Is Blind debuted on Netflix in February last year and the show must have struck some arrows with dating show lovers because Netflix soon renewed the show for seasons two and three. After a spectacular success on Netflix, the streaming platform came up with the same show this week, but this time the producers chose Brazil as their location!

Netflix describes the series as:

“This reality dating show hosted by Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo features a group of singles looking for love.”

-Love Is Blind Brazil review does not contain spoilers-

They say love is a gamble and Love is Blind Brazil is here to prove them right. To find out whether it is blind or not, real-life celebrity couple Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo welcomes 32 single men and women looking for love to a unique experiment where these hopeful singles will date each other for thirty days without seeing each other once. During this time, any man may choose to propose marriage to his date, post which the newly engaged couple can finally see each other for the first time. The show doesn’t end there. Instead, the audience follows the engaged couples on a retreat, an apartment and finally the altar where the final decision is made.

Netflixs Love is Blind Brazil Review Two Peas In A Pod
Real-life celebrity couple & Hosts Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo in Love Is Blind Brazil

While millions of people search for a new love every day, this dating show has thirty-two singles on board who are here to find out the answer to only one question, is love really blind? This unique platform has a few tricks up its sleeve to win over your partner, it’s their personality and voice and communication skills. A weekly release with five episodes already in their kitty, this dating reality show takes the dating experience a notch higher by adding a level of mystery between the contestants. Just when you think you have hit the jackpot by meeting your soulmate, you might just fall into a pit, isn’t that what love is all about?

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Good dating shows are always addictive, if not revolting and a little toxic. The first few episodes feel fresh but the constant, ‘If I don’t get married now, I never will” sounds backwards in 2021. Once all the engaged couples enter the real world, it simply feels like another bad dating reality show. The reason why the show became a huge success in the first place is that like every other dating show, it explores the emotional frailties of people, making anything private-public knowledge, sensationalizing a relationship to its core.

Love Is Blind Brazil is just another reality dating show which helps hopeless singles build a connection with each other, helping them to fall in love but ofcourse with many twists for appeasing all the audience watching. It explores the nitty-gritty of a relationship by pairing up contestants and helping them to build a real-life love connection. They are made to meet but with walls in between which they need to overcome in order to see each other. This dating reality show tests your compatibility, communication skills and sheer patience between the contestants as they go through the pangs of love.

Love is Blind Brazil still
Real-life celebrity couple & Hosts Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo are looking stunning in the promo posters of Love Is Blind Brazil

What really bothers me though is how the audience travels with these couples right from their initial dating phase through their honeymoon phase till their wedding, and if that was not enough, Netflix might even air a few episodes with what comes after like they already did with Love Is Blind UK. Yes, the show is addictive as long as there’s some mystery. Who cares about what comes after? Really? And that is exactly why the show becomes boring after a point.

Yes, but through the first few episodes, experience love, anger, jealousy, fights and all the components of a relationship vicariously through these contestants, and if you are single then there’s no escaping this ‘sensational’ dating show – feel their love and their surging emotions, whether happiness on finding the one meant for them or the sadness of heartbreaks. Welcome to the pod of love where lovers are separated by a thin wall and their goal is to break it and make it!

Summing Up Love Is Blind Brazil: True Love Or Just Another Experiment?

Love Is Blind Brazil Review Two Peas In A Pod
The Moment Of Truth In Love Is Blind Brazil

A little similar to Just Married and The Bachelor, Love Is Blind Brazil is nothing more than a reality show about love. If you are a little heartbroken or even bored this weekend, and love reality tv then waste no time. Get that bowl of ice cream out of the refrigerator and watch thirty-two singles figuring it all out in front of the world.

Love Is Blind Brazil is streaming on Netflix.

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Love Is Blind Brazil follows 32 hopeful singles on a journey of love, filled with trysts and twists. After a successful run in UK last year, Netflix is back with another season but this time the location is Brazil.

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