Love Death and Robots Season 3 Review: David Fincher-Tim Miller Strike Again With Brilliance

Produced by Tim Miller, Joshua Donen, David Fincher, and Jennifer Miller, Netflix’s Love Death and Robots Season 3 is finally here! A re-imagining of Fincher and Miller’s long-in-development reboot of the 1981 science fiction animated film Heavy Metal, the anthology series stars various directors, writers, animators and voice actors across the globe.

Netflix’s official description of the show reads: “Terrifying creatures, wicked surprises and dark comedy converge in this NSFW anthology of animated stories.” This season consists of nine episodes in total with a runtime of 5-20 minutes.

– Netflix’s Love Death and Robots Season 3 Review Does Not Contain Spoilers –

Love Death and Robots Season 3: Hypnotizing, Horrifying & Humourous

Love Death and Robots is a phenomenon on Netflix that has captured us with its unique stories and scintillating visuals over the years. This year seems to be no different with the third volume of the cult classic anthology series whopping us off with nine fantastic episodes. Love Death and Robots Season 3 finds itself closer to the first season than the second one, which was comparatively weaker but, nonetheless impactful as always. The stories, the animators, creators and directors all are a reminder of how season one shook us and, even with a third season it still can.

Netflix dropped the first episode titled Three Robots: Exit Strategies a day before the show’s grand premiere on YouTube and, it thrilled fans as the titular trio of robots returned once again to discuss the end of humanity riddled with some hard truths about greed, power and class hierarchy as they set out on a humourous tour on the apocalyptic earth. From the mind of acclaimed science-fiction novelist John Scalzi, the episode is directed by Patrick Osborne and produced by Blow Studio.

The second episode titled Bad Travelling had created quite a buzz ahead of its release as it marks the reunion of the writer-director duo Andrew Kevin Walker and David Fincher. And, well, it does not disappoint. Telling the story of a mariner and his crew cursed with bad travelling, the story relies heavily on gorey visuals mixed with the themes of righteousness and survival. The animation studio behind this gem is Blur Studio. The Very Pulse of the Machine marks the third episode in the series and is directed by Emily Dean with animation by Polygon Pictures. It tells the story of a stranded astronaut on the moon, which might not be all it looks like.

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The fourth episode of Love Death and Robots Season 3 is called Night of the Mini Dead and, it is not only the tiniest zombie movie ever made but, also one of the most shocking and funny pieces ever. Within 4 minutes, the episode makes you go from confused to terrified to laughing uncontrollably with not a single dialogue! This range comes from Robert Bisi, Andy Lyon script and direction alongside BUCK’s animation. This episode will surely remind fans of season one’s When the Yogurt Took Over and Ice Age.

Kill Team Kill is maniacally good, adrenaline-filled and, oh-so-funny. Directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson and from the animation studio Titmouse, Inc, this short tale is about soldiers fighting off a beast they have never seen before. When it’s Tim Miller, you know it is going to be worth it. Produced by Blur Studio, which means that the animation is similar to David Fincher’s Bad Travelling, Tim Miller’s Swarm is based on the story by the fan favourite writer Bruce Sterling. A story of humans versus an alien species where arrogance and exploitation work as the slow poison to end either one of the races in the fight to survive.

Mason’s Rats by Carlos Stevens is one story that everyone will enjoy no matter what genre they are inclined to for this has it all with a perfect, summer sunset ending. Produced by Axis Studios, the seventh episode is an epic battle between a farmer and the rats infesting his farm but, the World War IV outcome is absolutely not what you have in your cards. We need to have a villain-topping story in Love Death and Robots, right? Well, the eighth episode titled In Vaulted Halls Entombed is just that!

Always save the best for the last? Well looks like Love Death and Robots Season 3 has taken it very seriously as the ninth episode titled Jibaro is a whole broadway show or Shakesperean play none of us will be ever prepared for. A dark and heartbreaking take on the folklore of the Sirens, the episode is directed by Alberto Mielgo and, animated by studios. This episode is by far a favourite and, coincidentally it was Mielgo’s The Witness which impressed me the most in season one. Jibaro is a tale of love, revenge and power; a tale you can only truly see when told through Mielgo’s lens.

Love Death and Robots Season 3: Final Verdict

They have done it again! Miller and Fincher have successfully given us yet another binge-worthy, dark yet funny, cruel but true anthology series that will stay with you until there is another season you can bank on. The animation, the stories, the direction- everything screams of brilliance and, yes, this is just as impactful as the first one. With 18 episodes in one go, of course, season one was able to give us more variety to pick our favourites from. However, with a little increased runtime and selective yet effective stories rolling out in season 3, audiences are going to call all the episodes more or less their favourites.

You can watch Love Death and Robots Season 3 now on Netflix.

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Love Death and Robots Season 3 brings back the uniqueness and suspense with a bang.

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Love Death and Robots Season 3 Review: David Fincher-Tim Miller Strike Again With BrillianceLove Death and Robots Season 3 brings back the uniqueness and suspense with a bang.