Netflix’s Little Big Mouth Review: Music, Love and Togetherness

Little Big Mouth, a romantic comedy starring Amanda du-Pont, Nay Maps, James Borthwick, Brady Hofmeyr and Charlie Bouguenon is now out on Netflix. Directed by Gray Hofmeyr and Ziggy Hofmeyr, the duo wrote the film along with Louw Venter. The streaming platform describes it as ‘charming, feel-good and romantic’. Read our review to know if it ticks off these boxes or not.

The synopsis reads, “Kicked out of his band and home, a playful guitarist takes refuge with a bookkeeper, her son and dad. Is it possible to make sweet music together?”

Little Big Mouth Review Does Not Contain Spoilers

Netflix film Little Big Mouth is a love story about guitarist Siya (played by Nay Maps) and Mel (played by Amanda du-Pont). The duo first sees each other at a wedding where Siya is performing with his band. However, he ruins the gig, and the band does not get paid at all. The band members decide to kick Siya out for his unprofessionalism and unapologetic attitude.

After getting kicked out, Siya meets Mel outside, and the two hit it off. Mel decides to let him stay in her house until he finds a new job and a roof. Their friendship turns into romance in no time. Sadly, their love story has two villains – Mel’s father and her son Luke (Brady Hofmeyr). Both these people are valuable to Mel, who do everything best to sabotage the couple’s relationship. What will Mel do? Will the love story have a good end? You’ll find the answers in the film.

Little Big Mouth on Netflix takes no time to show us how playful and unbothered Siya is. He’s a talented guitarist and singer but doesn’t fit anywhere. His life changes when he meets Mel and her family. On the other hand, Mel is a single mother, happy in life with her son and father. She’s working hard and is open to love, despite having a tragic romantic past. The couple brings out the best in each other.

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The film is a combination of good humour, music and romantic elements. I can’t stop gushing over how stunning Amanda du-Pont looks as Mel. She’s dreamy, and her chemistry with Nay Maps is sizzling. Nay Maps’ Siya is crazy but has a beautiful voice. But the star of the Netflix film is Brady Hofmeyr, who plays Luke. His attempts to get rid of Siya from his mother’s life are hilarious, sometimes too risky.

Along with the story and performances, music plays a prominent part in the rom-com. Some songs are upbeat, and some are soul-stirring. I wish there were more soft songs and more romantic scenes between Siya-Mel to warm the cockles of our hearts.

Netflix’s Little Big Mouth Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, the latest Netflix film is enjoyable, pleasant and bring a smile to your face. It’s a story of love, good music, family and togetherness. We are used to seeing romantic comedies featuring teenagers or white characters. But the South African film takes a different route for Hollywood’s one of the most loved genres and presents a winsome story.

The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

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Little Big Mouth Review: Netflix film starring Amanda du-Pont and Nay Maps is a pleasant and enjoyable love story with a good dose of music.

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