Lies and Deceit Review: Gripping Spanish Thriller That Makes You Seek the Truth

Lies and Deceit aka Mentiras a Spanish mystery thriller is now out on Netflix. It is a remake of the British series Liar. Curro Novallas has directed and penned the screenplay. The show stars Ángela Cremonte as Laura Munar and Javier Rey as Xavier Vera in the lead roles. The rest of the cast includes Paco Tous, Miquel Fernández, Clara Segura, Eva Llorach, and Manuela Velasco. There are 6 episodes of 45-50 minutes each with English dubbing and subtitles.

The synopsis reads, “A literature teacher seeks justice against a surgeon she claims date raped her, while he vehemently denies her accounts of the encounter.”

Netflix’s Lies and Deceit Review Contains No Spoilers

Laura Munar teaches at a high school where a single father and surgeon, Xavier Vera’s son studies. After Laura’s breakup with her long-term boyfriend, Xavier asks her out on a dinner date, and she agrees. The date goes well but doesn’t end up well for Laura. The next day, Laura tells her sister that Xavier drugged and raped her post-dinner. Xavier refutes the allegations and says that everything was consensual.

In these 6 episodes, we find out who’s lying and telling the truth. Laura’s accusations against Xavier change their lives completely. People around them pick sides. Who’s telling the truth, and who’s lying? Did Xavier really rape Laura? Is Laura lying to frame him falsely? Who’s the main culprit? You have to watch the show to know the answers.

Spanish thriller Lies and Deceit on Netflix is a story we have seen many times. But the narrative is set in a very intriguing manner. The makers didn’t waste time in bringing in the main plot. So you are curious to know how they will reveal the answers. The first three episodes are quite well-made. As a viewer, you think you’re shown both sides. But there’s more than what meets the eye.

Lies and Deceit Still 1

The makers reveal the main culprit halfway through the show. The remaining few episodes are utilised to prove the person guilty. We all know that rape cases, especially when both the people are drunk, are not easy to investigate. Both Laura and Xavier try their best to prove their innocence and blame each other for spreading lies.

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Along with Laura and Xavier, the show also focuses on another couple. The couple seems happily married with kids. But their marriage is also full of lies and deceit. Curro Novallas has shown us two different sides of people in dating and relationships/marriage with one title.

Ángela Cremonte, as Laura Munar, is quite strong and unwilling to give up, even if people doubt her story. Cremonte plays Laura with conviction, who wants justice for herself, even if it costs everything. Actor Javier Rey plays the charming, well-behaved and polite doctor Xavier Vera. Xavier is nice to everyone around him. Both the characters have a dark past. Once the past angle is touched upon, you’re again confused about who should be trusted.

Lies and Deceit Still 2

Lies and Deceit Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, the latest Spanish thriller is worth watching. It highlights everything that can go on a date, the importance of consent, lies, and how justice is not easily served every time. The story is quite familiar, but the execution is quite gripping. Once you start watching it, you don’t want to stop until you seek answers.

The show is now streaming on Netflix.

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Lies and Deceit Review: Netflix's latest Spanish thriller on a date-rape incident and seeking answers is a must watch.


  1. I don’t think it worked at all. We learned at the end that he raped about 17 women. She was so relentless that I started to hate her and thought of her as a troublemaker. It was never fully explained why his wife committed suicide. Some of the subplots were unneccesary especially his son and his relationship with a fellow student. It was never explained why she broke up with her boyfriend and why he, in turn, has an affair with her sister. The ending is disappointing as we don’t know how he dies. Did he commit suicide ? She ends up laughing and smiling which is absurd after all she went through.

    • Some shows don’t impress us so I understand your point of view. However, they did answer why his wife killed herself. The relationship and cheating part was just another lies and deceit story.

    • Agree; so much STUPID in this series. And since Laura looked too much like Marjorie Taylor Greene, I hated her and still so, for that stupid reason alone.

    • exactly, it is the most stupid movie I have seen in a long time, nothing make sense, the plots are totally idiotic, the people unpredictable, the rapes don’t make sense, why would a handsome doctor need to tape anybody? and the blonde one, I wanted to slap her face, she was so obsesssed, she needed therapy

  2. Agree, stupid series, I realize he raped numerous women, but she was so obsessed with him, she got away with breaking in, stealing, carrying her ex-husband’s (cop) gun and nothing ever happened to her. I wanted to slap her too, she was so annoying,

  3. It’s a little sad to see so many women upset at another woman for relentlessly pursuing a RAPIST who raped 17 women. No wonder the cops don’t care about us when we report sexual assaults. We don’t even care about each other.

    • Exactly. The fight to prove that someone raped you is never easy. One isn’t annoying because they’re fighting for justice. I wish people understood what the show was trying to show.

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