Netflix’s Just Short Of Perfect Review: Shattering The Stereotype And Stigma

Just Short of Perfect is a romantic comedy directed by Ale McHaddo starring Leandro Hassum, Juliana Paes and Elizângela. It is currently streaming on Netflix with a run time of 1 hour 34 minutes and audio in English.

Netflix describes Just Short Of Perfect as:

“A divorced lawyer falls for a charismatic cardiologist. But when their difference in size leads to family friction, is she ready to listen to her heart?”.

Just Short Of Perfect review does not contain spoilers –

A renowned cardiologist Leon falls for an attorney lawyer Ivana. They go on an adventure together and have the best time of their lives. Ivana feels great when she is with Leon but is embarrassed to tell her parents. Ivana’s ex-husband, Danielle plans to enter her life as he goes bankrupt and provokes Leon against Ivana. Ivana’s melodramatic mother also tries to push Ivana towards Danielle. But the ​absence makes the heart grow fonder and Ivana confesses her love for Leon.

Just Short of Perfect is a cute love story free of cheesy and cliché drama. It is a pure and simple romantic story that touches the heart. The movie has various themes embedded along with the segments of romance. “love is love” and “love has no shape and size” are the main focal point of the movie. Ivana’s brother is gay and decides to marry a guy he loves. On the other hand, Ivana chooses to see Leon’s bigger heart rather than his short height.

Actor Leandro Hassum as Leon is the highlight of the movie as he showcases his acting talent appropriately. He is cheerful, adventurous, intelligent, happy-go-lucky, and not ashamed of his short height. He knows how to relax his ladylove and always tries to bring a smile to her face. Leon believes in becoming popular because of his work and not due to his short height. The most beautiful part of Leon is that he is a big sport when it comes to poking fun at himself and always entertaining people around him.

Juliana Paes as Ivana is messy, disorganized, careless, and quite opposite of Leon. She also gets scared when she sees Leon for the first time but accepts his infectious company instead of his one shortcoming. She does get a little embarrassed about Leon in front of her family but the thought of Leon going far from her makes her realize her love for him. She fights with the entire world to be with Leon.

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Just Short of Perfect
Image Credit: A still from the trailer of Just Short of Perfect

Summing up: Just Short of Perfect

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Leandro Hassum and Juliana Paes share great chemistry on-screen and give out major couple goals throughout the movie. They both accept their flaws and be with each other because they get lost in one another’s company. Leon makes Ivana happy and comfortable with his gestures. Ivana slowly realizes that Leon is the one for him and Danielle is selfish. Love has no barriers and one doesn’t need to be ashamed of his short height or loving a same-sex person. Society may laugh or speak ill about us but one should always listen to their heart and everyone has a right to choose what seems perfect for them.

The message given out by this film is that when two people are happy in their own world then the opinion of the third person is not needed. Overall Just Short of Perfect is a flawless romantic comedy that will strike the right chord with its narrative. It is definitely a must-watch movie if you are a die-hard romantic or love watching light-hearted romantic comedies.

Just Short of Perfect is streaming now on Netflix.

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Just Short of Perfect tells the story of a lawyer who finds love in a chivalrous and renowned cardiologist. But the variation in their height creates a rift between the lovebirds only to unite them forever.

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