Netflix’s Just Another Christmas Review: Stuck In The Time Loop Of Your Most Dreadful Day!

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Just Another Christmas (Tudo Bem no Natal Que Vem) premiered on 3rd December 2020 on Netflix. Directed by Roberto Santucci and written by Paulo Cursino, the Brazilian comedy film stars Leandro Hassum, Elisa Pinheiro, Danielle Winits, Arianne Botelho, and Louise Cardoso alongside other cast members.

Waking Up On Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to slow down, stop for a while, take a deep breath, and notice that life is more than what happens when we are at work to pay the bills. That life is good. Always. And realizing that is the best present you can ever give yourself. – Jorge

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If you’re one of those people who were born on a seasonal holiday and believe that it is the most dreadful day of your life then this is your movie. Our protagonist here is Jorge, a mid-age family man who hates Christmas as he was born on that day and his birthday is always overshadowed by the festivity. And yes, relatives make him hate this day too! As he celebrates Christmas Eve 2010 and falls off the roof accidentally, he wakes up the next day only to realize that it’s Christmas Eve 2011 and he has no idea about an entire year. Scary!

Every time Jorge wakes up he doesn’t remember what happened an entire year and it keeps on happening till Christmas Eve 2021. In his forgotten year, he had an affair, almost divorce, and whatnot. As the movie progresses we see Jorge agitated with the festival but growing into a better person – someone who loves his family and doesn’t hate the holidays! But the question here is how did he get in this loop and how did he get out or does he even get out?

Just Another Christmas
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Just Another Christmas is a fast-paced movie and has a comical tone to it throughout. And the best part here is that the movie is different from every Christmas movie I have seen in the last 15 days! However, there was an undeniable similarity between Palm Springs and Just Another Christmas in terms of their screenplay idea. With humour in its core, the film offers a bittersweet chord to its viewers which balances the idea of family and love and stops it from overflowing.

While this isn’t the first film featuring a time loop to make a character realize the importance of family, love, or festivals, it is definitely the one without too many Christmas cliches. In terms of soundtrack, there are no loaded songs like Jingle bells, Joy to the World, or Silent Night but rather simple music that compliments the characters’ moods and is mostly non-diegetic.

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Leandro Hassum as Jorge alongside the entire cast is the perfect fit for their respective roles. Each and every character compliments each other in terms of action and emotion. The film manages to hold your attention till the very end and there are hilarious moments in here too! In the end, it’s all about family, right?

Stream It or Skip It

Just Another Christmas

STREAM IT! Just Another Christmas is a stream-worthy Christmas movie with emotions and laughter well balanced and nothing overly sweet! It is a bittersweet and wholesome experience and refrains from cliches overall. Lastly, the film might feel rushed at some moments but it is still worth your time with no strong drawbacks about it.

Just Another Christmas is now streaming on Netflix.

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'Just Another Christmas' is not your typical ho-ho-ho Christmas movie. It is a breath of fresh air and is enjoyable!


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