Jonas Brothers Family Roast Review: Sometimes Funny, Sometimes Flat

Jonas Brothers Family Roast, a comedy special on Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas, is now out on Netflix. Kenan Thompson hosts the special, featuring guests like Jack Whitehall, Pete Davidson, Lilly Singh, Gabriel Iglesias and Niall Horan. Danielle Jonas, Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra Jonas are also a part of the comedy special.

The IMDb synopsis reads, “It’s the Jonas Brothers like you’ve never seen them before – getting a roasting.”

Netflix’s Jonas Brothers Family Roast starts with Kevin, Joe and Nick enjoying their food together. But one confusion leads to a fight between the three. If that wasn’t enough, their secret club also gets busted because of Nick. But that’s not the only trouble among them. All three Jonas Brothers think they’re the Thor of their family. Well, they think too much of themselves, and that’s exactly why the roast is planned. Everyone who was a part of it didn’t leave a chance to “insult” them in every possible way.

Kenan Thompson is the show’s host who looks more excited than the Jonas Brothers. Danielle, Sophie and Priyanka mark their gorgeous presence for the event. A surprise guest points out how the Jonas Brothers don’t deserve the gorgeous wives they have. Everything is joked about – from their childhood to the band’s success to the break-up and Kevin being the “least popular” Jonas. The first celebrity to roast the trio is Lilly Singh. From calling them basic white males to teasing Nick for marrying a beard (Priyanka Chopra), Lilly is unstoppable.

Pete Davidson’s interruptions as a fan who takes mean digs at them are one of the best highlights of the Netflix roast special. We’ve already seen promos of how Pete teases Nick’s acting career. But that’s just a small glimpse of how much he makes fun of them. Later, he comes dressed up as one of the Jonas family members. Despite trying his best, the act falls flat.

Another fan of the Jonas Brothers, John Legend, dedicates a song called ‘You’re Not Quite the Beatles’. That’s another best highlight of Netflix’s Jonas Brothers Family Roast. Priyanka, Sophie and Danielle also roast their husbands and their brothers. PeeCee and Nick are aware that people joke about their age gap. The actor makes a joke out of it and reveals the name of a man for whom she’d leave her husband (kidding)! She also makes an important announcement which leaves Nick Jonas concerned.

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Sophie jokes about Joe’s ex-girlfriends, and that’s one of the meanest jokes from the special. An unabashed Jack Whitehall, a die-hard Jonas Brothers fan, minces no words to tease them about their fame and talent. Niall Horan’s part is also hilarious. Get ready for One Direction and Harry Styles jokes, you’re gonna love it! The three brothers also take the stage to roast each other. Sadly, Nick’s roast was the boring of all the three.

Jonas Brothers Family Roast Review: Final Thoughts

Without giving away much, I’d say that the roast gave me a few laughs and it was awkward at times. It’s not that anyone held themselves back from cracking bold jokes. Some just weren’t funny. It would’ve been better if the creators had decided not to add the brothers roasting each other part in the end. The beginning was hilarious, and we didn’t need more.

The roast special is now streaming on Netflix.

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Jonas Brothers Family Roast Review: The Netflix special is sometimes funny, sometimes awkward.

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