Netflix’s Izzy’s Koala World S2 Review: Little Munchkins!

Izzy’s Koala World is a documentary series on Netflix that follows an 11-year-old “koala whisperer”, Izzy Bee, as she and veteran mother take care of various wild and injured koalas. Izzy’s Koala World S2 has 8 episodes.

What’s better than watching koalas for four hours? Watching baby koalas for four hours! Yep, Izzy’s Koala World S2 is here with another set of very short episodes consisting of little Izzy and her equally tiny koala friends. The former takes the help of her vet mother Ali to care for and love the little koalas as they get stronger and more confident to take on the world on their own.

Izzy’s Koala World S2 consists of Izzy being cute but helpful when it comes to helping the koalas. But this time around, the stakes are much higher since Izzy must take care of several little ones who have lost their mothers. With the baby season going on, the Bees are working overtime to take care of koala babies so that they are safe from the external influences that have the capacity to injure them.

With climate change, Australia is too hot and dry. This spells doom for the forest and its flora and fauna as it creates the perfect environment for forest fires. In the wake of the fires, several animals are injured or orphaned and it is up to Izzy and her family to help them.

Izzy's Koala World S2

You will get to see the Bees feeding little koala babies milk and helping them munch on juicy eucalyptus leaves. The little ones are so therapeutic to look at as they slowly move from one place to another and are absolutely adorable. Sure, they’re all a little scared but that’s probably expected. Don’t worry though, Izzy will create a warm and loving environment for them all.

Izzy’s Koala World S2 also has the little munchkins learn how to be social and adapt to their environment. The way Izzy focuses on each of the koalas and works with their strengths and weaknesses to provide the ultimate care is commendable, especially since she’s a little girl herself. However, her strength and determination are qualities to learn from.

The 15-minute long episodes of Izzy’s Koala World S2 are great to watch. It’s cuddly, it’s fun and it doesn’t take up a long time. There’s also great information that is given out in respect to caring for these animals. But most importantly, if you come across a wild animal in distress, please contact authorities who can actually take care of them.

The series also features similar traits and characteristics from the first season. The animations are the same and are extremely cute and cuddly and we see a lot of Izzy and her parents’ interactions. It’s nothing we haven’t seen in the first season, but it’s still cute regardless.

Summing up: Izzy’s Koala World S2

Izzy's Koala World S2

Izzy’s Koala World S2 is cute, cuddly and informative. What can be the downsides of watching little koalas cuddling each other and chomping on leaves? Literally nothing. It’s a good pass-time series that the family can enjoy together. Or, if you’re having a particularly nasty day then this might help too. Either way, a good time is guaranteed.

Izzy’s Koala World S2 is streaming on Netflix.

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Izzy’s Koala World S2 is cute, cuddly and informative and makes for quality content for the kids.
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