Izla (2021) Review: Awkwardly Unfunny Zombie Experience

Barry Gonzalez directs the movie Izla with the screenplay written by Ays De Guzman. The cast includes Filipino actors Paolo Contis, Archie Alemania, Beauty Gonzalez, Isabelle Daza, Elisse Joson, Sunshine Garcia, Analyn Barro and Aiko Climaco.

Izla Review does not contain any spoilers

Izla movie runs on few laughs and gory scenes

Izla shows promise at first glance. The opening scene with the drone is excellent, and the two brothers seem interesting enough. The first few minutes set up what you need to know about them before they take a group of vloggers to Forbidden Island to make a video about it for their channel.

izla movie review

There have been many times before and have never encountered any problems. However, after setting up this notion that this island is safe from zombies, things quickly change once they get there. There’s no build-up or suspense when the zombies attack. It comes out of nowhere and ends just as quickly!

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Izla 2021 has the bad points outweighing the good points

The rest of the movie is just the group running from zombies until they meet up with other survivors on the island. This is where the film starts going downhill because nothing makes sense anymore.

What I like about Izla is its concept. The idea of using vloggers to tell the story of the movie is something new. The film was shot in some beautiful locations, which adds a lot of value to it.


A few scenes had a good sense of humour, and a couple of scenes were scary. But most scenes were dull and lacked excitement. Izla tries to have some funny scenes, but they are not enough to make the whole movie enjoyable. Izla is not that bad, but it could have been better.

The acting was poor. The character development was pretty much non-existent. The dialogue was not that great either. The CGI effects were pretty cool, but they worked on the special effects more than anything else. Overall, this is not a film I would watch again or recommend to anyone else.

Acting style doesn’t have depth and intensity

Izla is not one of those movies that have you jumping out of your seat screaming; however, the film is enjoyable and humorous in parts, if not always.

The plotline for Izla is erratic! Though the plot twists kept me engaged throughout the movie, I certainly ended up questioning my sanity in many instances.


There was also a variety of scenes that got me wondering about the cataclysmic flow of events. I appreciated how the scenes were intertwined with each other. The acting in Izla was far from phenomenal. Each actor did an average job conveying their character’s emotions.

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A whiff of an unfunny portrayal- Izla encounter is heavy on the Eyes

At times, the actors had me laughing hysterically due to their comedic performances. There were times when I had chills down my spine due to some of the actors’ intensity. I felt as though I was watching a real-life horror movie!

Izla had spotty cinematography and could use a lot more work! It felt as though I was right there with the characters witnessing everything first-hand.


This is an exciting movie that has a lot of action compared to the average film. It transitioned from scene to scene with a lot of hiccups or disruptions. One thing I would have liked to see in this film would have been more of an introduction for some of the characters. The room for improvement was far and wide, with various avenues yet to explore.  

A Struggle to Escape- Izla is more of a Spoof

Izla is trying to spoof popular horror films like The Shallows and 47 Meters Down. It has some gory scenes but no real thrills or suspense.

The characters are poorly developed, and the dialogue is clichéd. The two main characters are an annoying duo who try too hard to be funny. Their jokes fall flat and come off as mean-spirited instead of funny.

Izla movie review

Though some scenes have a few jump scares, Izla is mostly a comedy with lousy acting and cheesy special effects. There’s also a love story thrown in to make the movie seem longer.

Izla is a bad movie for people who want something scary or don’t like seeing women in peril.

Stream It or Skip It?

The film is best described as a cross between The Wild Life, The Ruins, and Sharknado. It’s not the most fantastic movie ever made, but if you like mindless B-movies with zombies and bikini-clad women, you’ll probably enjoy it.

Izla is streaming on Netflix.

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Izla is just the group running from zombies until they meet up with other survivors on the island.


  1. Yhh izla is a bit boring because there was less zombie action in it which made it less scarier.. I wasn’t moved even a bit while watching it

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Izla is just the group running from zombies until they meet up with other survivors on the island. Izla (2021) Review: Awkwardly Unfunny Zombie Experience