Netflix’s Inspector Koo Episode 8 Recap: Death in the Family?

Inspector Koo or Gukyeongi is a Korean drama TV series directed by Lee Jung-Heum and starring Lee Young-ae, Kim Hye-jun, and Kim Hae-sook, alongside other cast members. The series has 12 episodes. Inspector Koo episode 8 is 68 minutes long.

Netflix describes the show as:

A reclusive ex-cop reenters the game as an insurance investigator, searching for clues in crime scenes perfectly staged by a serial killer in her midst.

– Inspector Koo episode 8 recap contains major spoilers –

After the devastating outcome of the last episode, Inspector Koo episode 8 starts with a flashback of Jeong-yeon talking to Yi-kyung about her mother and how close they were. However, Yi-kyung doesn’t seem to share the same sentiment as her aunt. In the present, at Jeong-yeon’s cremation, everyone is there except Yi-kyung who is nowhere to be seen.

As people keep an eye out for her, Kyung-yi is at home sleeping. As she tries to wake Santa up, she finds a diary among his things. Meanwhile, Yi-kyung seems to have gone into deep depression. The type which makes you buy every flavour of ice cream in a shop. Meanwhile, Yong Sook is being insufferably manipulative in Inspector Koo episode 8 at Jeong-yeon’s cremation.

Meanwhile, Kyung-yi snoops into Santa and asks him about his shady life. He takes her to his home in Inspector Koo episode 8. Inside, she finds all sorts of things belonging to them and when she questions him, he says that he brought all of them home whenever they made him feel warm inside. When she asks him about the devil doll, he says that he wanted to understand Yi-kyung’s motivations behind making the doll. He further adds that it helped him map out the ways the dolls are connected instead of making him turn violent.

She also finds the photo album and says that it’s as if he does not have a life outside of them and it’s suspicious. However, he retorts that however, the house looked like, she would have been suspicious. She agrees and tells him that they cannot meet anymore. Gyeong-su comes back to headquarters to find Je-hui clearing everything out. Je-hui tells Gyeong-su that he has done well. Although he tries to tell her that they need to catch Yi-kyung, Je-hui tells him that they need to accept defeat and move on.

Gyeong-su is shocked to learn that Je-hui was hired as the campaign advisor for Heo Seong-tae. Yi-kyung also hears the news on the TV. Eating at a small eatery, her meal is disrupted when a drunk woman throws a shoe at her son which lands on her table. She then proceeds to make the woman eat her shoe later on. The scene here is odd, it feels like she sees reality differently and doesn’t realise when she threw the woman off the building. She then tells her aunt she will “kill them all just like she said”.

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Meanwhile, having found a clue thanks to Gun-wook’s tattoo, Gyeong-su goes to meet Kyung-yi in Inspector Koo episode 8. The two compare notes and decide to work together. After discussing it together, they conclude that other than the obvious, Je-hui had not come out of the main gate. Also, Yi-kyung gets a bit sloppy with her murders and Gun-wook is not happy. Shockingly, apparently, Yi-kyung also murdered another person after the woman in the terrace.

Unfortunately, as the two are discussing on how to get rid of Yi-kyung’s killing spree victim, Dae-ho enters the party and calls out for Gun-wook. The latter runs out to get rid of him and panicking, breaks his heart. It’s kinda sad to watch, especially considering how happy Yi-kyung seems to be at the prospect of having Gun-wook all to himself.

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Disposing of the body, Gun-wook asks Yi-kyung to kill the people that took her aunt’s life instead of murdering people randomly. However, Yi-kyung says that that includes them as well. She then tells him in Inspector Koo episode 8 that she doesn’t need him anymore and that she is going to have spicy noodles alone.

Meanwhile, Kyung-yi tries to work the case but Santa’s constant requests for a voice chat really get on her nerves. However, when she picks up the call, it turns out to be Yi-kyung. The two answer each other’s questions, while Kyung-yi texts Santa to drop by her house. Kyung-yi tells Yi-kyung that Jeong-yeon dying wasn’t their plan, however, they did plan to hold her hostage to stop her. She, though, does not believe her and tells her that it’s difficult to take someone’s word for it without talking face-to-face.

Kyung-yi agrees to meet her only if they can share information. She tries to ask her whether she finds her aunt’s death suspicious but Yi-kyung cuts the call before she can finish. Santa comes in just then and Yi-kyung texts her where to meet.

At the hotel in Inspector Koo episode 8, the two women discuss their questions and suspicions and they get really close to catching Yi-kyung, thanks to Gyeong-su but he is discovered which sends Kyung-yi into a panic. However, Yi-kyung leaves, but not before hurting Gyeong-su slightly. In a bid to find Gyeong-su, Kyung-yi runs into Je-hui and eventually, Kyung-yi tells Je-hui that Yi-kyung did not kill Ko Dam.

They tell her that three people didn’t leave the building using the main hall – two of them are dead and the third is Je-hui. The latter confirms their suspicions but tells them that she only brought him to them and that she didn’t know that they were going to kill him. Her excuses, though, fall on deaf ears and her entire team is disappointed with her. She, too, is unable to meet their eyes.

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It seems that Je-hui had taken a video of Ko Dam being threatened by Yong Sook’s men but before she can do anything, she hears a knock on the door. She totally walks into the trap and before she can react, Yi-kyung attacks her in Inspector Koo episode 8.

The next day, Kyung-yi goes to meet Yong Sook and asks her directly why she killed Ko Dam. However, she’s not someone who will accept these things lightly and calls Kyung-yi delusional for even thinking of something like this, considering their team were unable to catch Yi-kyung.

When Kyung-yi suggests that they should have protected Je-hui from Yi-kyung, Yong Sook laughs. Kyung-yi, serious as ever, tells her to watch her back as well since Yi-kyung will kill her as well. Just as she finishes this sentence, Yi-kyung is standing beside them, wearing Je-hui’s scarf, to both of their shock. Kyung-yi is left aghast at the implication.


Je-hui gets deep into politics and does not like the experience at all.

Final thoughts: Inspector Koo episode 8

I like Je-hui’s angle. Yes, it doesn’t add to the overall suspense and intrigue, but it’s a look into the difficult life of being a single mother especially in Asian countries. It’s a concept that is still frowned upon and Je-hui’s struggle to make ends meet while also being there for her daughter will ring true with a lot of people. I genuinely felt her dichotomy – it’s a no-win situation, although I don’t quite agree with her career choice.

Kim Hye-jun, again, is brilliant throughout Inspector Koo and it is a breeze to watch her on-screen. Her screen presence, the embodiment of the character and the subtle quirkiness of it all is delightful to watch, especially because the series relies on her eccentricity. I am a little wary of Kyung-yi’s eccentric character though and it tends to get on my nerves sometimes. I mean, it’s funny sometimes but it’s mostly a bit much. I like the quirkiness to be something similar to Yi-kyung’s character – it’s a part of her personality, but not in an overt way. Thus, it doesn’t seem like she’s faking it out doing it just because.

Inspector Koo is going great and this episode is better than the last. The way the mystery is unfolding makes me feel like there’s more to it than meets the eye. There are several plot threads that are still hanging loose and I am intrigued to find out where the next episodes take us!

Inspector Koo is streaming on Netflix.

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Inspector Koo episode 8 is twisty and with a shocking ending that will make you gasp!

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Inspector Koo episode 8 is twisty and with a shocking ending that will make you gasp!Netflix’s Inspector Koo Episode 8 Recap: Death in the Family?