Netflix’s Inspector Koo Episode 6 Recap: Two Faced

Inspector Koo or Gukyeongi is a Korean drama TV series directed by Lee Jung-Heum and starring Lee Young-ae, Kim Hye-jun, and Kim Hae-sook, alongside other cast members. The series has 12 episodes. Inspector Koo episode 6 is 73 minutes long.

Netflix describes the show as:

A reclusive ex-cop reenters the game as an insurance investigator, searching for clues in crime scenes perfectly staged by a serial killer in her midst.

– Inspector Koo episode 6 recap contains major spoilers –

Inspector Koo episode 6 starts with Kyung-yi realizing that Yi-kyung is bunking in her rented container. Her gut was right and she and Yi-kyung get into a fight over opening the container door. She, however, did not think it through and soon Kyung-yi realizes that she is no match for the young and athletic (and a little sociopathic) Yi-kyung and gets beaten up badly by her.

After dousing her in paint, Kyung-yi is finally able to handcuff her nemesis and eats the key. This results in Yi-kyung roughing her up more. While trying to cut Kyung-yi’s arm off, Santa throws a net over them both but Yi-kyung is able to get away in spite of Santa’s best efforts. After all of this, Kyung-yi blames Santa for not contacting the police and instead, throwing the net on them.

Meanwhile, in Inspector Koo episode 6, Yong Sook gets to know about Yi-kyung’s whereabouts when they were being duped. She decides to trust Je-hui instead of going directly to Kyung-yi. At the same time, the team is at Yi-kyung’s home. They get a delivery of Joan of Arc which has the same binding as a ton of other books at Yi-kyung’s place. This is definitely a clue of some sort and Kyung-yi tries to figure out what it is.

Later in Inspector Koo episode 6, officers from the Bongbaek police station meet Kyung-yi and ask her to write something to compare her handwriting with a sample. However, she asks them to show her the sample so that she can understand it better. However, they are not keen on the offer and tell Kyung-yi that an anonymous confession to a newspaper calls Seong-u’s suicide a murder and the murdered being Kyung-yi herself. However, the latter denies any of this and the police ask her whether she has any idea regarding who it might be.

Kyung-yi tells the inspectors that she knows that they think of her to be a “nutjob” with antisocial tendencies who went off the rails after her husband’s death. Although the inspectors say that that’s not the case and that they will just say that someone forged her handwriting, they still ask her what happened to her husband on the day that he died. An excellent time for a flashback and information dump.

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On the day of the incident, Kyung-yi was looking for proof of whether Seong-u was actually the man the reports accused him of. However, she couldn’t find anything and just as she was leaving the school, she got a call saying that her husband is no more. She was suspicious that someone framed his murder as a suicide. However, the room where he hung himself was locked from the inside and she did not find any proof of any kind. It’s a rare deeply emotional moment for Kyung-yi who really goes down the deep end and has an anxiety attack (I think) at the end of the story.

Kyung-yi wakes up being carried by Santa in Inspector Koo episode 6. She uses the poor guy as a horse and it’s just to surreal to watch her egging him on to run faster with her legs. Anyway, back at the container, Kyung-yi is able to piece together the meaning of the books – each book is almost a blueprint for each murder. How someone will die can be found in them and the latest one is Joan of Arc. But the real question is – who?

Before she is able to come up with an answer, Santa takes her off to take a bath and eat, in Inspector Koo episode 6. When Je-hui calls her, the latter assures her that they can still catch Yi-kyung since she will commit at least another murder. They discuss the incident as a team and Kyung-yi asks Gyeong-su for his input into who could be the next victim.

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He excitedly says that although it is difficult to understand Yi-kyung’s thought process, they can still understand the people around Yi-kyung. Meaning, they should first try to break down everyone around her before trying to get to her. They find another clue and the “devil dolls” take the team somewhere they did not expect.

A reverse image search takes them to Kim Su-yong and an IT company. Gyeong-su and Santa disguise themselves as debt collectors and make their way to the company in order to get some information from the employees at KD Peace Labs. Kyung-yi is also there and she finds a wall of employees where some ex-employees’ pictures have been marked out for leaving the company.

Gyeong-su and Santa, meanwhile, learn that Su-yong was caught illegally selling company equipment and was given a chance by the director. They next watch a video of Su-yong being humiliated in front of all the employees. Ko Dam leave him standing on a desk with a placard around his neck throughout the day. His relationship with his boss Ko Dam seems really tense, especially because the latter seems a bit too nice for his own good.

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The KD Lab employees feel like they are part of a cult and it’s so creepy. And by how Santa and Gyeong-su react, I am sure that they, too, feel something suspicious at play here. After coming back to the van and meeting Je-hui, all of them agree that Su-yong was probably bullied at work and Kyung-yi says that Ko DAm must have had something to do with it.

While going through his belongings in Inspector Koo episode 6, Santa finds a pendrive that is actually a startup disk. Santa realizes that they are being watched. Meanwhile, Kyung-yi and Je-hui go off to meet Ko Dam to get clues. However, he comes off as a stand-up guy and Je-hui says that he probably did not take part in the bullying.

Kyung-yi is less convinced ad goes off to talk to Ko Dam after leaving Je-hui in the elevator. She goes back and realizes that Ko Dam is too good an actor to give away his true feelings in front of people too easily. Still being followed and recorded in Inspector Koo episode 6, Kyung-yi and Je-hui come back to the van to talk to the rest of the team. Gyeong-su lets them know about the pendrive and how it automatically uploaded files on Mironet.

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Thanks to Santa, they find Samsy to be spying on them. From him, they get to know that Ko Dam is two-faced and that he’s communicating with aliens. Well, after Je-hui and Gyeong-su leave, the rest watch footage of him talking in a language that he does not understand. Well, the language is actually “pig Latin” as Kyung-yi puts it and it says “upload the campus footage on the main page”. Everyone is shocked and Samsy says that the video must be of Yoon Mi-ae since it caused a huge commotion and death. After they figure everything out, Kyung-yi eats Samsy’s SD card.

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After being out for the day, Gun-wook finds Yi-kyung wandering the streets and gives her food and something to drink. Afterwards, they discuss how their next hit on Ko Dam needs to be perfect since Kyung-yi is hot after them and keeping an eye on Ko Dam.

At headquarters in Inspector Koo episode 6, Kyung-yi asks Santa how she should kill him. The look on his face is of shock and as his coffee mug shatters on the ground, we see that the text underneath shows “Bongbaek Girls’ High School 33rd Alumni Meeting”. Santa looks horrified as the screen fades to black.


  • Je-hui and Yoon Sook cook up something mutually beneficial.
  • Dae-ho asks Gun-wook to move in together with another friend.

Final Thoughts: Inspector Koo episode 6

Inspector Koo episode 6 ends on a cliffhanger that is hard to digest. I must admit, I like Santa very much and the notion that he might be slightly bad is too much for me to handle. The cliffhanger is, thus, quite the reveal although I am sure it’s a misunderstanding, it has to be! Other than that, this episode was quite emotionally charged and action-packed. With Kyung-yi hot on her trail, how will Yi-kyung go through with her plans? Hmm…

Inspector Koo is streaming on Netflix.

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Inspector Koo episode 6 ends on a difficult cliffhanger that will make you bite your nails!

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Inspector Koo episode 6 ends on a difficult cliffhanger that will make you bite your nails!Netflix’s Inspector Koo Episode 6 Recap: Two Faced