Netflix’s Inspector Koo Episode 2 Recap: Face to Face

Inspector Koo or Gukyeongi is a Korean drama TV series directed by Lee Jung-Heum and starring Lee Young-ae, Kim Hye-jun, and Kim Hae-sook, alongside other cast members. The series has 12 episodes. Inspector Koo episode 2 is 73 minutes long.

Netflix describes the show as:

A reclusive ex-cop reenters the game as an insurance investigator, searching for clues in crime scenes perfectly staged by a serial killer in her midst.

– Inspector Koo episode 2 recap contains major spoilers –

As a children’s play on Hansel and Gretel takes place, K repeats the same lines as the kids while she spies on Min-gyu. The scene takes place before Kyung-yi finds him dead. As Min-gyu runs inside the mausoleum (or crypt?), K push a boulder that traps him inside. Wen Kyung-yi reaches him, he’s already dead. K is happy to see this and burns down her hideout (I think, they don’t specify) and drives off looking extremely happy in Inspector Koo episode 2.

The morning after, Kyung-yi asks Je-hui to come to the scene and says that this entire thing is bigger than they thought. The news shows that Min-gyu died in the sewers (so not a mausoleum or crypt!) after inhaling poisonous gas. Elsewhere, Yong Sook talks about the horrific death of Min-gyu and says that she will get along well with Kyung-yi.

K comes home to her aunt who asks her where she was throughout the night and also worries about her, in Inspector Koo episode 2. She seems like she’s a nice person to the people who love her. However, she is able to hide her violent tendencies from them. However, K suddenly realises that she knows Kyung-yi and goes off to retrieve a phone from under her bed. On the phone, she finds a picture from school – one with Kyung-yi in it from when she was in the police.

Meanwhile, Kyung-yi wonders how everyone from a team can die mysteriously. She’s at the police station and talks to the detective about whether they have investigated the mysterious deaths. However, he tries to refute the claims and says that it can all be a coincidence. However, he is unable to excuse away the death of one of the workers.

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At the same time, in Inspector Koo episode 2, Je-hui finds out that Yoon Jae-yeong had lit a candle for Lee Jun-hyeon, someone who apparently has no family or friends. Kyung-yi goes off to meet Jae-yeong and asks her whether her husband taking one for the family moved her. She said that’s not the case – he wanted to disappear for a year and then get away from this place with them. However, the plan went down the drain when he revealed himself.

However, Kyung-yi says that Jae-yeong couldn’t have killed him herself; so where did she find the killer? We see in Inspector Koo episode 2 how Jae-yeong got to know about Min-gyu’s indiscretions and how K contacted her. Unfortunately, everything is shrouded in mystery and thus Kyung-yi doesn’t get all the answers, but she gets a few.

Meanwhile, K, or Yi-kyung, comes back home to find Gun-wook at home. They both know about her little nighttime adventure and he’s unhappy that she went out celebrating without him. She then proceeds to tell him about Kyung-yi in Inspector Koo episode 2. However, he tells her to kill Kyung-yi if the latter digs too deep.

As Gun-wook gets rid of evidence in the ocean, Yi-kyung looks extremely satisfied with her book collection. Kyung-yi, meanwhile, looks exhausted. Je-hui comes to visit her and tells her that she might be getting fired since they had to pay Min-gyu’s family. All the while this conversation is going on, Kyung-yi begs to have her soda. It’s a funny and grim situation, altogether.

Anyway, Je-hui tells Kyung-yi that the entire Min-gyu fiasco looks like an accident. However, the latter isn’t convinced and says that that’s scarier since a person died but no one is investigating it because it was made to look like an accident. Je-hui is sceptical and says wonders whether the killer waited for her to appear in order to kill him. Kyung-yi, however, is almost in awe – she says that someone planned it out perfectly.

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Later, Yi-kyung meets Yeong-je to know how Sung-woo died. The latter lets her know that after a student in their school died, everyone suspected Sung-woo and the girl to be dating. But, since Kyung-yi was his wife, rumours started spreading that she disguised the student’s death as an accident. Obviously, Sung-woo was humiliated and then he committed suicide. Anyway, weirdly, Yeong-je gets so scared of Yi-kyung that she starts begging her to leave her alone while in a busy restaurant.

Meanwhile, Kyung-yi goes off to rescue an online gamer friend who talks about killing himself. She finds him at the right time and after he rants a bit, tells him that they really don’t have a reason to live and then promptly jumps into a garbage truck. Kyung-yi is so weirdly hilarious. She falls in the garbage dump and then walks off to find a cab.

She is picked up by Kim, Yong Sook’s acquaintance, and is dropped off in front of a building. She goes inside and finds Yong Sook taking a bath. They discuss the questionable cases and Kyung-yi talks about why they are connected and about Min-gyu’s case specifically. The discussion is weirdly nonchalant, but there’s clear tension in the air. They agree to work together although Yong Sook’s intentions aren’t clear yet.

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Once Kyung-yi finally gets home, she finds Santa sitting outside her apartment looking absolutely disgusting and scared. He apparently dug through the trash to find her. She asks him to take her shower at her place and that makes him happy.

At the office, Je-hui tells everyone that the team will be disbanded because of poor performance. However, as a last-ditch effort, they decide to save themselves. She comes up with a way to help them and all is not lost, as they catch people one after another trying to defraud the insurance company.

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Meanwhile, Yi-kyung goes to visit a psychologist. In the middle, she overhears her aunt saying that she needs to meet an insurance agent and gets the psychologist on her side. The latter tells her to meet every 6 months from then onwards, which makes both aunt and niece extremely happy. Anyway, Yi-kyung tags along with her aunt and saves her from getting fired.

The two women finally come face to face with the knowledge that they both know each other.

Final Thoughts: Inspector Koo episode 2

Inspector Koo episode 2 is another fun and interesting episode that keeps you guessing. I think it’s the antagonist’s weirdness that keeps everything fresh and moving. She’s unpredictable and gives you the creeps, but weirdly also makes you a bit sad – maybe she went through something in the past? Either way, it’s fun and the following episodes will shed more light on the direction of the storyline.

Inspector Koo is streaming on Netflix.

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Inspector Koo episode 2 continues to be enjoyable, with an eccentric protagonist and an equally scary antagonist.

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Netflix’s Inspector Koo Episode 2 Recap: Face to FaceInspector Koo episode 2 continues to be enjoyable, with an eccentric protagonist and an equally scary antagonist.