Netflix’s Inspector Koo Episode 10 Recap: Kim Hye-jun Catches the Big Fish

Inspector Koo or Gukyeongi is a Korean drama TV series directed by Lee Jung-Heum and starring Lee Young-ae, Kim Hye-jun, and Kim Hae-sook, alongside other cast members. The series has 12 episodes. Inspector Koo episode 10 is 63 minutes long.

Netflix describes the show as:

A reclusive ex-cop reenters the game as an insurance investigator, searching for clues in crime scenes perfectly staged by a serial killer in her midst.

– Inspector Koo episode 10 recap contains major spoilers –

Back at Gun-wook’s place in Inspector Koo episode 10, Kyung-yi starts laughing after finding the “surprise” as the former’s doorstep. A few hours ago, Yi-kyung tries to strangle a tabloid journalist, the guy who ended up as a gift to Gun-wook. The next day, Yoon Sook questions Yi-kyung’s need to blow up a whole karaoke bar for one person, although she is quite happy with her fearless attitude.

While chatting, in Inspector Koo episode 10, Yoon Sook gets to know that Seong-tae has been elected as the mayoral candidate which makes her really happy. Back to the present, the four at Gun-wook’s are thinking what to do with the corpse in their home. Kyung-yi summarises that Yong Sook and Yi-kyung did not go along well together and thus this is Director Yong’s way of getting in touch with him. Of course, he’s not dead and Kyung-yi promises to let him go if he tells her what Yi-kyung told her.

Apparently, he had something of Ko Dam’s that could potentially hurt Yong Sook and her son – dirt on several influential people – and Ko Dam gave him one of it. Although everyone suspects his claims, Kyung-yi believes him. He tells her what the dirt was that he had in the pendrive, but it looks conspicuous and almost useless information. Anyway, he gives her an SD card that has the information. They realise that there was a fifth person in the boat that Yi-kyung and Gun-wook missed out on and Kyung-yi asks Gun-wook to let Yi-kyung know to contact her directly to know who they missed.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kim and Yong Sook know that Yi-kyung slipped out information to Gun-wook and Mr. Kim is tasked with the work of killing everyone who knows even a little bit of information, in Inspector Koo episode 10. We see Gun-wook scared out of his mind having to deal with potentially dying due to Yi-kyung. That’s when she calls him and gets to know that they had missed someone on the boat that day. Yi-kyung gets excited to become murder-bros again but has to stop talking when she is almost caught.

Well, Mr. Kim comes to Gun-wook’s home and beats the shit out of him with his gun, in Inspector Koo episode 10. He hits him on the foot with a weight and just as he’s about to shoot Gun-wook, a random neighbour barges in, sees them and starts screaming. Gun-wook uses this opportunity, in Inspector Koo episode 10, to run away.

Meanwhile, in Inspector Koo episode 10, Kyung-yi and the gang discuss why Yong Sook is trying to kill a journalist over a video that doesn’t even show clearly whether any of her sons were in the boat or not. Kyung-yi then watches the video of Ko Dam’s last words that Je-hui had taken and they realise that something as important as dirt on others wouldn’t just be lying around anywhere. Ko Dam didn’t trust anyone – so where can it be? They both realise that Ko Dam used to wear a ring, something that he said that he’ll take to his grave.

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Meanwhile, at Yi-kyung’s place, Mr. Kim is pissed and threatens Yi-kyung to tell them what she sent to Gun-wook in Inspector Koo episode 10. She vehemently denies the accusations and Mr. Kim orders the caretaker to shoot her with a tranquiliser and then take her to the basement and teach her a lesson – just not kill her. Before Mr. Kim leaves though, Yi-kyung tells him that Kyung-yi is alive and if Yong Sook gets to know, he’ll be in deep trouble.

On the other hand, Gun-wook tries to save himself and gets to Dae-ho’s place. Mr. Kim, meanwhile, gets a hold of Je-hui, in Inspector Koo episode 10, and tries to intimidate her as to why she didn’t tell him. However, she turns it around and asks him why he didn’t do his job properly. She then gives him an address and asks him to do a better job this time; otherwise, she will tell Yong Sook. She tells him that he will have to help him next time for this favour. Mr. Kim rushes to finish his work.

Meanwhile, Kyung-yi, Santa and Gyeong-su go to Ko Dam’s weird museum thing to find his ring. It’s surreal, but hey. Whatever. Thanks to Gyeong-su’s weird research, they find an SD card inside the ring. Yi-kyung, unfortunately, wakes up in a prison cell in the basement and finds the caretake looking at torture devices, SAW style.

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inspector koo episode 10

She starts to feign being frightened and lures the caretaker inside and then beats his head in with a brick. She locks him inside the cell and goes down the drainage shaft to her freedom. Mr. Kim falls right into Kyung-yi’s trap and is arrested for “stealing” Ko Dam’s ring. At home, in Inspector Koo episode 10, Kyung-yi finally watches what’s in the SD card inside Ko Dam’s ring.

The video shows the people on the boat enjoying some cocaine and then playing stupid games. Things get serious when the person shooting the video just lets a guy drown after he accidentally falls into the water. Although the guy’s face can’t be seen directly, Kyung-yi figures out that it’s Yong Sook’s younger son, Hyeon-tae, who let the guy die.

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The next day, in Inspector Koo episode 10, Kyung-yi and Yi-kyung meet on the train and the former asks her to leave Je-hui alone and she’ll give her the pendrive. However, after getting everything, Yi-kyung lets them know that if any of them leave before the train leaves, she’ll blow up Yi-kyung’s house. As the train leaves, Yi-kyung gives a little girl the remote and asks her to press the button. It does nothing.

 As Seong-tae tries to get over his fear of heights and run across an insanely high bridge, he falls and screams for help only to look up and find Yi-kyung looking at him.

Final Thoughts: Inspector Koo episode 10

Inspector Koo episode 10 is another decent episode. It’s not entirely boring like the last one, but it’s still just not engaging enough to keep us occupied. The quirkiness is really getting to me but I’m thankful that the comedy has gone down a notch. There’s somewhat of a direction with the story, but there’s still too little to keep it fresh and interesting.

Inspector Koo is streaming on Netflix.

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Inspector Koo episode 10 is a somewhat decent episode that seems to be going a certain way. However, it's not interesting enough to keep all of us occupied or interested.

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Netflix’s Inspector Koo Episode 10 Recap: Kim Hye-jun Catches the Big FishInspector Koo episode 10 is a somewhat decent episode that seems to be going a certain way. However, it's not interesting enough to keep all of us occupied or interested.